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Nick was a ranger at Londolozi from 2018 - 2022. He always had a love for nature. Growing up in Johannesburg, the annual family trip to the bush (particularly the Kruger Lowveld region of South Africa) became an escape from city life. When ...

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on An Encounter with the Ntsevu Pride’s Newest Member

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Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful pictures. So cute when they are young.

Lovely to see a new cub. Is this the only cub that survived? Wete there more?

Nick, I loved all the photos, especially cub🤗 I saved all the photos

What a great sighting! I would have used a whole camera card had I been there, just on this sighting! Loved the photos!

Great job on your return, Nick! Incredible photos, capturing the bonding of the two.

Love these pictures! Love between Mother and Child.

What a special moment! Can’t wait till we can return hopefully next spring!

Spectacular photos of the newest edition to the Ntsevu Pride Nick ! What a wonderful welcome back for you 💕🙏🏻

Gorgeous – lucky, lucky you! Isn’t it unusual though for them to have just 1 cub?

Nick, those pictures are so cute! That made my day! The Ntsevu pride is certainly continuing to do well.

Tiny mini lions are SO precious!

Hi Nick. Welcome back! Thanks for these LOVELY pics some of which I will turn into Screensavers! Cute little spotty bundle of joy! Really enjoyed this, Nick. Thank you! Wendy M

Master Tracker

Oh bless

Adorable! A very special sighting indeed, and hopefully bodes well for more to come!

Love the pics – a very special sighting!

Senior Digital Ranger

How lucky are you! Amazing photos ❤️
Thank you for sharing…

Digital Tracker

What beautiful, adorable photos!

Nick, is this cub’s mother the female who was thought to be infertile? So does it’s introduction make four new cubs total for the Pride? Thanks so much!

Hi Michael, we are not sure if it was the female who was thought to be infertile. A few of the females have been seen mating with the Birmingham males recently. Yes, so at the moment we are viewing four cubs, with three of them being slightly older and from a different female.

One of the most beautiful and uplifting tale and pictures I’ve ever seen! The cub with its mum conveys a feeling of tenderness and love… they look as if they were smiling. A very happy update for the pride! Thank you!

Awww, you’ve really captured the bond between a lioness and cub. I’m thrilled to learn you’ve guests again with whom to share your wonderful reserve and am squeezing my fingers tightly so that I’ll be able to join all of you next April!!

Extraordinary photos clearly showing the affection and bond between mother and cub. Thoroughly enjoyed pondering each still shot and it absolutely brightened my day. Thank you!

Such sweet, lovely pictures of mother and cub, Nick! Just wonderful. Thanks!

What a lovely sighting and photos are very good. Thanks for sharing, they are better on a 65 inch tv.

Senior Digital Ranger

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much love shared between a new cub and it’s mama! The pictures of the new tyka-doo are just PRECIOUS! – God willing, the tyka-doo is kept safe and protected, to have a long life with it’s pride.

Award winning photography. Great job.

Such sweet images. It’s hard to believe such a cute little fur ball will one day (hopefully) grow to a massive killing machine. It’ll be interesting to watch the pride dynamics over the coming year. Was this the lioness that was believed to be infertile?

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful photos and a special moment

Nick, thanks for the great update on the Ntsevu mother and her cub. Such awesome images! We look forward to hearing more about them!

Senior Digital Ranger

The new little Tyka-Doo is Just Pwecious!! Amidst the color being crisp, the expressions you captured are filled with endearing love! You wish you could sit and be with them to enjoy their feline fun and energy.
Kudos Nick!

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