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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Did Lockdown Affect the Wildlife?

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Lovely blog James. I agree, we actually make little difference to the animals, if we are around or not.

Your observations reflect my feelings when I’m at Londolozi–insignificance.

How very true!

James, I loved all the photos, I kept leopard in the tree Ximungwe🤗

Appreciated the explanation about lock down and how that has not affected the lives of the animals ie. big cats. Photos just beautiful capture of the Leopard and her cub and seeing her enter the cave. I enjoyed picturing all of you on your special Safaris individually ….thank you! Wonderful as usual.

In my opinion it translated into less pressure upon animals due to less guests, but it will surely be more of them after the Lockdown is over…

This policy is one of the things that makes Londolozi such a special place!! Victoria if plague ridden Americans are ever welcome in the world again we will be back!!

Yes, so beautiful just to know that you are there… And I so love the Nhlanguleni leopard and her cub!

Just one of the things I love about the Londolozi property- the lack of the human footprint!

Interesting that the animals‘ behaviour doesn‘t change much; this obviously means that you do the right thing.

Well said James. Makes me feel good about the impact from people! A lot of beautiful viewing and educating going on with minimal impact !

I often thought reading Recent lockdown 2020 blog, every time a Ranger said “ This is New”.
I HOPED that Each One was keeping a record of every new experience.
I read that a leopard walked down and through the dining area hunting at a nearby reserve.
The very paradigm of Londolozi requires objective observation.

And that is how it should be……………………… Thanks!

Perfectly explained James. You are all so blessed to have this pristine wilderness. I sincerely hope that your government continues to appreciate its value and the Sterling effort you all make to safe guard not only the wildlife but the whole eco system.🙏🏻💕 Malta is just 246 km squared and the government continues to sign over green zones for the bird hunters, leaving little recreation areas for the public to enjoy….all for votes.

Love to read your daily’s. But I read more such things but most ofthe time I am appaled by the poaching that reoccurred in reserves while being under lockdown…. not so at Londolozi?

Hi Jacques, no thankfully no such problems; we have a very efficient anti-poaching team.

Hi James. Lovely article and I have taken the Nhlanguleni Mom and youngster as a Screensaver. It’s a lovely pic. So now it is going round and round and will be part of all my screensavers which are a FASCINATION OF NOTE to all our friends who come to visit US and end up visiting our Computer! Thanks, guys. Super pics and stories! Wendy M

According to 101 Kruger Tales by Jeff Gordon, “if you drove every kilometre of accessible tourist road in Kruger, and were able to see for 100 metres on either side of the entire way, at the end of it all you would have only seen just over two-and-half percent of the entire Park.” The animals clearly have plenty of space to themselves!

As it should be! I remember asking this question early on in the pandemic, and the answer was the same!

James, once again you have helped unlock some of the questions that we have and obviously so many others. It’s clear that the Londolozi philosophy and structure it’s a win-win for all. The wildlife is allowed to be comfortable in its normal environment and the human interaction is very minimal. Probably the only real difference for the wildlife was seeing fewer vehicles over that time!

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