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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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Hello what about plants and flowers? Is there a booming time in Londolozi with special trips planned to watch the blooming time ?

This is so true. It is wonderful just to be out in the bush. To experience nature. To experience all the little things that the day bring.

Senior Digital Ranger

Can’t wait to “stop and smell the roses” again at Londolozi! We try to explain to Friends that haven’t been that it’s not all about the Big Five…it’s what has touched all Five Senses and burrowed into our Soul. People, Animals and the Land! Africa!!

So well written and totally descriptive of my experience. It is incredible how relaxed this Type A individual becomes immediately after being greeted at the airstrip.

James, I loved all the pictures, especially Eagle🤗

All so very true! We were lucky enough to go to Kenya in September. We needed the Bush more than it needed us! Patience is the key while on safari. If you do not have patience, you will miss a lot!

Good advice for pretty much everything we do as life moves to the next normal. There is so much to be grateful for – including of course these magical interludes from Londolozi!

I would happily sit for hours and listen to the African bush as the sounds and colours change from sunrise to sunset .. all I would wish for is that the clock stops, so it could last forever! James, your excitement and enthusiasm on every game drive shows that you have no need to pinch yourself to realize how lucky you are…it is written all over your face 🙏🏻💕

Wonderful! The Mad Dash vs the Quiet Observation……wonder which way my first safari back will proceed? Maybe a combo of both to some degree? Cannot wait to return to the African bush in 2021!

Dear James, really wise words spoken. And now you have talked about constantly radioing I wonder even more whether guides have to do it constantly. At least it’s my impression that there is far too much radioing going on and I find it really distracting.
But maybe not any more in the future? I am really looking forward to March/ April….

Much needed reminder. Never again will I take for granted the ability to travel. These months of forced isolation have made me realize the true priorities in my life, and travel is one of them. My partner, Bryan, and I have had several discussions about our planned trip to Londolozi and South Africa and the need to focus more on the actual experience and less on photography, which goes hand in hand with your message of slow down. Live in the moment and place to truly appreciate our beautiful earth.

Excellent points ! Take it all in, every last second and when you are viewing something don’t even let the thought what will be next enter your mind. There’s only now.

Being still for a while and listening to the sounds of the bush will be magic. Can’t wait to back someday.

You are SO right, James! Personally I enjoy just NO apparent animals. I love the whisper of the grass and I am just as interested in small thing eg when we saw a Lilac Breasted Roller attacking a scorpion in the road – dive bombing it over and over – and then picking it up and taking it off to the nest or to a nearby tree for himself! It was fascinating and I have never forgotten it. Kiplings name “The Long Grass Whispers” … it is so beautiful and so always reminds me of the Bush. Wendy M

Totally agree. You can’t beat just sitting in the vehicle while a herd of elephants quietly graze around you, gently rumbling to each other. Or sitting on the causeway (my favourite spot) just watching birds and listening to the hippos. Roll on February (fingers crossed!)

Thank you, James, for our wake upcall to be cognizant and patient. Your narratives not only articulate, but thoughtful and dare I say, emotional and caring. So very appreciated in these times and all times.

My time is not coming soon enough…..but fingers crossed we’ll be there from the USA in October 2021, 6 nights at Founders….

Well said. When we were at Londolozi this time last year, I loved the times we were out in the bush; even just sitting still and taking in the environment – engaging all of the senses. I took so many beautiful photographs and one day hope to paint some of these scenes. Londolozi is a magical place. God bless!

Great counsel when returning to anything, anywhere after lockdown!

Senior Digital Ranger

I’ve been in the Kruger since Sunday, it’s so incredible to be back I’m literally stopping for everything great and small! I’m so deeply appreciative of the opportunity to sit at a waterhole again, even if there is no activity to photograph.

James, what a beautiful post and we totally agree with your thoughts and suggestions. We are thrilled that you’re able to have guests back and can’t wait for the borders to open up to all.
We can remember so many times on game drives at Londolozi when something that no one expected suddenly appeared. We also relish the times when we are stationary and listening to the birds and noticing the nearby scenery, while our ranger and tracker are out searching for the next great sighting. We can’t wait to be back at Londolozi and look forward to experiencing the magic, including the peacefulness soon!

One of my favourite things to do during a night drive is just to turn off the vehicle and sit there, listening to the sounds of the night and looking at the stars

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