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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Leopard Kill From my Back Door

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Amazing experiences.

I love this story! How amazing!!

Sean, loved the video🤗

What an exciting coexistence with wild animals! I wish it was the same everywhere. A positive side of Covid-19 all around the world has been nature’s conquest of original spots with us humans as spectators. I wish I could see those beautiful and graceful leopardesses and bushbuck as well…

Incredible! Looks like you don’t need to drive anywhere for the next Week in Video, it’s all coming to you.

Oh wow that must have been awesome to watch from so close!

Observing nature’s inhabitants at a safe distance is truly the ultimate experience. It seems the animals are feeling even more comfortable whilst fewer people are around. Thanks for sharing!!

How exciting for all of you! Yes, I’m jealous….

Sean, We know the unspoken agreement between we humans and the Londolozi leopard community allows them to feel safe in our presence. These experiences just underscore that concept of mutual respect for the wildlife and the truth behind Londolozi as “protector of all living things!”

How wonderful to be sharing your homestead with the leopards ! From all the recent footage we have enjoyed, it seems that because of the lack of human interaction, you have witnessed the most amazing sightings. Not only with the leopard, but, wild dogs, cheetah, and the ever present lion. I’m sure 2020 will be a year to remember and relive around the camp fire for years to come!

Amazing times in Africa! While nostalgia says it’s wonderful to have true back to nature, practicality says we hope you can sustain the economic shortfall until travel is once again on everyone’s horizon.

Sjo…pretty awesome!

sjo…pretty awesome

Thanks for sharing with us this great story Sean. can just imagine how close the Animals are getting. look forward to hearing more…

Sean what a beautiful story and I suppose a beautiful experience. I had a very similar experience as a kid growing up in Namibia (baboons). As a youngster I used to work in the Manyeleti during school holidays. There was a gent who used to run the Snake Research facility (I think Gerald) and he had a similar though probably less serene experience in so far as a pride of Lions chasing an antelope/zebra into their enclosed gated home area and enjoying the feast while they were braai’ing! Same family, one evening a leopard took a stole into their home (wet evening) and headed toward the baby cot. On that note, and I am not sure whether Gerald is still in the open, he innocently bitten by a Black Mamba and rushed to hospital (Acornhoek I think).. and a Python tooth stuck in his arm is a story for another day. Take care. Chat soonest. I miss the bush.. Barry

What an amazing sequence-so many interesting events in the last several weeks.
Incredible photo by Dean.

Incredible, such close proximity and such a privilege to witness this beautiful leopard having her dinner. xx

Astonishing!! What brilliant opportunities in the middle of so much craziness. I love your quote Sean “ After all we humans are the real guests here.
This is the animals; domain and they continue with life no matter what is happening in the outside world.” Simple, beautiful and perfect!!

Hello Sean! at my next visit to Londolozi, could we switch rooms? I usually stay in a comfortable chalet at Varty Camp. Ah, Ah, Ah

Wouldn’t we all have LOVED to be there!! Finfoot is so beautiful and I would be thrilled to “host” her for dinner (breakfast, dinner, breakfast, dinner, breakfast, dinner) outside my room anytime!

Senior Digital Ranger

The power that leopards have in order to drag a dead animal up a tree just amazes me!

Wow!! Sooooo very cool, and another silver lining of the clouds of a pandemic. Love to you all.


Really really lucky to have been there for 6 straight months! And to see Finfoot so up close and personal!

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