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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Virtual Safari: The Week in Video #31

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Big elephant bull, what a wonder! The quintessential symbol of conservation. Funny hornbills – it is typical of several birds species that the older chick kills the other… sadly but in this way parents invest all their effort in raising one fledgling that has more chances to survive. Spectacular lions! I’ll never have enough of their roaring and their interactions. Since I was a child I always was on the buffalo or impalas side but nature has a cruel side we have to accept. Thank you another beautiful week in video

Fantastic videos this week. Loved all the lions.

Great video this week! Loved watching the elephants and their powerful yet seemingly gentle movement. Tracking the lion pride was fascinating, as was their around the kill dynamics. Beautiful ending of the four lions moving down to the pool to drink.

Thank you again, I so enjoy watching these videos. I’ve had a great idea to improve even more my Londolozi experience – can’t think why I never thought of it before. So, with your morning drives, I have a hot chocolate and Amarula, just as I would if I were there. And for the afternoon drives it’s obviously gin. Working well so far!

Great idea Sue! Surprised it’s taken this long to start doing that! haha

Super to watch the developments unfold after the tracker academy spotted tracks and traces of blood from a smaller kill and then later in the day the finding the 19 strong members of the pride Nkuhuma hunkered around the massive buffalo bull, complete with all the commensurate growling and paw butting! Thrilling to watch the interaction. Appreciated learning details about the ground hornbills! And then who doesn’t love big elephant bulls? Thanx.

Another fantastic video. Loved the commentary on the hornbills. Beautiful birds. The lion sounds were quite enthralling.

Interesting video this week! Loved it all and learning about the Hornbills and their reproduction was fascinating. That Lion interaction was amazing with all of the vocalization.

Wonderful videos! I love the elephants. The lions are really impressive; how they can fight over food. Reminds one somehoe of certain humans. And seeing how the young students of the tracker academy are practicing their skills is very interesting.
Where, by the way, are all your trackers? It must be a very hard time for them, I guess.

Senior Digital Ranger

They are so loud when they eat.!🦁 James, did you shave your beard or just seem so 😉

What a treat to revisit these virtual drives this week ! Always enjoy the comical ground hornbills with their amazingly long eye lashes, perhaps the only becoming feature they were blessed with 😊. The mayhem of feasting lions obviously was to topping on the cake. Just super ….thanks all 🙏🏻❤️

wonderful pictures and always fun to see elephants. that is remarkably huge pride of lions. noisy esters! thank you Victoria

Digital Tracker

Wow that was a really great video this week. Thanks so much James! Loved seeing the hornbills and the sound of the Lion pride vocalising over their kill was amazing! Quick question, the older and bigger elephant bull in that video – how old would you guesstimate he would be? Thanks

James, thanks for another great “best of” videos. We look forward to them every week and it’s become a Sunday ritual in our house, to share them on the big screen!

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