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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #460

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Stunning pics this week. Love the buffalo.

Great TWIP, James. What a great opportunity to have an African hawk eagle above you like that; I’m yet to get a reasonable photo of 1 of these. And the picture of the elephant calf – are those real live visitors in the Landrover? (not that I’m suggesting you’d put dead ones in!)

Had the same question about visitors.

Hi Suzanne, yes they are indeed real visitors. We have opened to South Africans and other countries who have been permitted…we are waiting patiently for the South African government to open up to the rest of the world.

Hi Jemma, I’m thrilled to bits for you all to finally have some guests! Let’s hope you have enough to at least keep you ticking over. We postponed our trip from November to February, and I’m optimistic 4 months will be long enough for things to settle down – I’m so looking forward to my 11th visit!

Thanks so much James for such a beautiful week in pictures…… I always look forward so much to receiving them….take care Pauli

Love the pics this week. As usual you do not disappoint

Terrific TWIP! Enjoyed it very much!

Curious about your assessment that there are 3 “stashed” lion cubs.

Everyone in the impala herd watching one of their number being eaten, thinking: “There but for the grace of the Great Impala….! 🙁

James, It will be nice to see the seasonal changes with the rains coming now. Thanks for another great week of images!

Amazing series of images as usual!! Particularly love that shot of the giant kingfisher!

Senior Digital Ranger

Whilst your “language” has been “interesting amidst insightful imagery” this week, James, (in how you have been describing the build-up and outcomes of scenarios), .. all in all, I have to say out of bias, that I get excited when I see new pictures of the lions, large and small. – This weeks pictures display unique vivid compositions.

Senior Digital Ranger

A great week as usual, it’s always hard to pick a favourite! Thanks for sharing the pictures and that very useful bird (skirt/shirt) info.

Loved the Buffalo, Elephant calf and Kingfisher! Great stuff! Also learned a new word “kleptoparasitising” – now I just have to practice using it in a sentence (don’t get much of a chance for that in the city LOL)

Wonderful pictures. The hyppos seem to be diving into golden water. Stunning.

James, I saved the African Hawk Eagle, Elephant Calf, Female Kingfisher, and I saved the Lion cubs🤗

Digital Tracker

Stunning pics as always!

Another fantastic buffalo photo this week in addition to the giant kingfisher female. The elephant calf was pretty cute as well. Enjoy another great week!

Absolutely stunning and amazing photography James. The close up of the lion’s paw is awesome. I also loved the rhyme regarding the female/male distinguishing feature with the giant kingfisher.

Senior Digital Ranger

Whichever day of the week a simply sensational blog James, loved Lion Paw and never seen a Drongo nest before. Thank you.

Hi James. That young ellie who is haring after its Mom for protection seems to be watering from the gland. This is a young ellie to be in musth, surely? Would it just be the fright on seeing itself suddenly alone that could cause this? Another picture that fascinated me was the neatness of the Fork Tailed Drongo on its neat little round nest! All so NEAT! As you say, it looks pretty exposed but the tree will soon be covered in foliage hopefully. Wendy M

Fabulous grip of photos this week! Bravo!!

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