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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #457

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It is fantastic news that we can all travel again soon. Great pics this week. Love the zebra.

For 2020 a permit to hunt a quota of male leopards, elephants and lion bones export are being issued. ..iconic kings and queens turned into pieces of bones and tusks..
it’s a blessing for the soul and eye to see those creatures protected over there.

Your photographs are stunning and I enjoy so very much seeing this post every morning. It lifts my spirits and makes me smile. I do not think about the destruction of the Animals Kingdom for a few moments ….the horror of it all on Linkedin regularly. Thank you for these wonderful pictures …. Blessings to all of you who make this happen.

Great B&W photo of the Plaque Rock female with the menacing cloudy sky in the background!

Heartbroken to learn that your photos during lockdown are coming to an end. The highlight of my day comes every morning with your high quality informative and beautifully breathtaking posts. Had there been no covid we would have been in South Africa now enjoying safari sightings in person. I thank each and everyone who has made these possible. So appreciated. Rosemary

Hi Rosemary,
Don’t worry, Lockdown is the only thing coming to an end. The photos are going to keep coming…

Senior Digital Ranger

Incredible images , thanks so very much James for bringing the Londolozi straight to us.The pics make us feel greatly part of a real game safari Expirience.During the lockdown we grew more in love with nature all thanks to Londolozi and its passionate,dedicated personell.fellow bloggers too.Personally l have learnt quite a lot of valuable information.which l feel will change my guiding levels immensely.God bless you all. #TeamLondolozi

James, I loved all the photos, especially leopard, and zebras drinking the water, and the African Hawk Eagle🤗

Super photos this week guys..pleased to see the wee ‘ostrich’ was amongst them 😂. Thrilled to hear that you will be opening your gates to share the magic of Londolozi with guests soon. Hopefully Europe’s new spike will ease and we will be allowed out to ‘play’! I will certainly miss the weekly round ups though I try to see them as they pop up through the week. It has been the best ever distraction from the unusual lives we lead now. I can’t thank you all enough for the pleasure it has brought💓🙏

Wonderful photos.
And of course I am really glad to hear that you are reopening.

Thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of animals in TWIP, especially the lone lion. I suspect you’ll all be happy to see the return of guests next week. The internet still shows borders closed to Americans…. duh, no mystery here as to why …….

Some wonderful, iconic images this week! Love the lion, of course, as well as the wonderful zebra photo. The waterbuck with their heart-patterned noses, are fun to see; they don’t get much photo coverage! Thanks!

More stunning photos, James. That picture of the impalas in motion is beyond the beyond!

I was so happy when I heard the news yesterday, bet you all celebrated there! Seeing the photo of the giraffe on your airstrip made me wonder if more animals than usual are on it during the day, with no planes landing regularly? And I loved the one of the zebras all lined up and drinking, that must be a very rare shot.

Senior Digital Ranger

Impala insert is so powerful and exhibits how athletic and graceful they are in flight.shade in colour shows how hard it is for carnivores to see the outline of an impala once its in full flight.
lmpala explode omni-directionally as a defence adaptation.tactically it puts them at great advantage over the predators.lmpala athletism exhibits their superior ingenuity body wise.

Senior Digital Ranger

Lion on summit of termite mound personifies the apex predator they symbolize.The Lion insert clearly brings out the true significance of the panthera leo to the african Wilderness.

Senior Digital Ranger

Giraffe tower is excellent for sexual the image shows the male and female clearly.Giraffe feeding hinges on resource partition so as counter clash of food competition

Senior Digital Ranger

African Hawk Eagle ,beautiful insert indeed.Very enlightening as well as now the identity of the fastest eagle in southern africa is known.

Nice array of animals beautifully photographed.

Senior Digital Ranger

Hippo bull displaying his dentition as a warning or show of aggression.Hippo dentition serves primarily as minister of defence HQ to deter potential challengers or showboat to females.Hippo bulls activity cycle primarilly revolves around how much testosterone hormones drive them.Lastly how far true is it that hippo bulls practise or exhibit carnivory tendencies? ls this ruthless,sadistic behaviour fuelled by the need to sire own young or its just a seasonal tragedy.

Master Tracker

Some lovely photos, especially the zebra

Wonderful photos ! The Lion is my favorite and the zebra. I am extremely jealous of those lucky guests coming back! Have a wonderful time all! For now I shall keep living vicariously through pictures 🙂

Can’t wait to get back over there, bet you are all excited to have some new faces and adventures to come!

Digital Tracker

Wow, absolutely outstanding pics this week! They are all brilliant! The zebra pic is stunning and I love the little squirrels and the baby plover – too cute! Very exciting news about the return of guests too! 👏🏻🥳

Digital Tracker

Oh and I totally agree with the others, the photos, videos and blogs absolutely make my day! I can’t wait to check my emails each morning for the daily blog! It’s so informative and brings so much joy to the soul. Thank you so much!

Senior Digital Ranger

As always your weekly photos are spectacular and I so look forward to them every morning. I have stopped reading the newspaper because it is so depressing. I truly hope as the world begins to reopen you won’t forget us! The roller coaster of emotions your stories and photos have brought to us all are priceless
Again… thank you ♥️ Loved the zebra photo
and the lion, he is truly the king❣️

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful leopard and zebra images.

Senior Digital Ranger

Always grateful for all the informative blogs, beautiful pictures and awesome videos. Thank you!

James, do you have drone, I saw pictures where using a drone

Terrific news for South Africa and Londolozi! Wishing you all the best from California and thanks for another week of amazing photos!

How I long to kneel down and kiss that airstrip. Soon!

James, do you have a drone, I saw pictures where you were using drone🤗

Gorgeous images James! Outstanding Zebra image! Your Giraffe shot on the airstrip reminded us of laying on the strip at your suggestion getting similar shots of Giraffe! Thanks for the memory! So excited that you will begin to receive guests soon!

Senior Digital Ranger

beautiful zebra image at waterhole , which is unique in that they seemingly are neglecting defence duties since all have heads in the water simultaneously

Senior Digital Ranger

beautiful black and white image.great photography exhibited

Senior Digital Ranger

Awesome Londolozi wilderness Expirience.Lockdown turned out to be a huge catalyst for refreshing and replenishing our knowledge.personally l appeciate nature’s fauna & flora more religiously now.

Senior Digital Ranger

Is it the zebras or giraffes which are more iconic? I am inclined towards the zebra. You?

Beautiful pics.

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