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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Photo Journal: One Afternoon on My Belly

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What a great afternoon! Maybe just a bit nerve wracking but great pictures. love seeing so many species up closer. Thankyou Victoria

Stunning pics. Love all the birds.

How delightful some chicks are at birth like gooslings. An interesting variety of birds: the jacana is special also with its peculiar parental care. Beautiful pictures of nyala and wildebeest (I don’t understand why they are considered “ugly”… ok they aren’t as elegant as impala nyala etc, none the less…) spectacular hyppo closing the series!

Very interesting perspectives. Thanks.

It makes a really great perspective getting down low – I always thought the photographic vehicle would have been great for the cats – not even sure if you still have it though

Master Tracker

Some nice photos, in photography as in life, things improve if you aren’t looking down

What a wonderful way to spend your afternoon! Great bird shots! Thanks for sharing a ‘belly level’ view!

Referring to your comment on the little Stint, I have noticed that a lot of the migrating birds (that use Malta as a pit stop) seem to be a month earlier than usual. I’m grateful, as the hunting season opened here on the 1st September and so many protected birds never make it back to Africa. Perhaps their elders have forewarned them to leave earlier😊.

Great perspective and great shots.

James I loved all the photos, especially the hippo🤗

I’m impressed by your afternoon photo adventure at the “waterhole “. Getting low gives such a great perspective to many animals, birds, insect species….. like watching dung beetles on their mission. You captured some great photos with your 600mm. Did you use a tripod?

Hi Denise, I had the lens on a small beanbag…

Senior Digital Ranger

Your writing about your day’s venture James, is as enjoyable as your pictures! .. (The first view of the hippo “semi-submerged’ in the water while raising its jaw is truly something else! (What a sight!)

Thanks for the kind words!


Digital Tracker

What beautiful pics James! I’m a huge bird lover, and while I always love to see the beautiful animals you take pics of, the birds are just as magnificent and interesting. Thank you.

James, if you were crawling around on your tum in all that mud around dams, we think it was very enthusiastic of you and you need someone to give X number of points and a Noddy Badge! Wendy and Wendy M

Though not an official ‘twitcher,’ I love your bird photos and am always learning, James! But the header video of the hippo displaying his mighty chompers is photo #1 of this group for me! Great job!

Senior Digital Ranger

haha, too much club indeed! Some great shots though

James, the images are amazing, especially the muddy Jacana! That one goes in our favorites! That hippo needs some dental work! 😉

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