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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on 3 Fine Things About an Elephant

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Interesting elephant facts. Love it.

Hi James, do you know if sex is linked to the use of oneparticular tusk in elephants – for example left-handed are males and right-handed are females or it has nothing to do with it? In some animals, cats for example, males are prominently left-handed and female right-handed. This behaviour presumably developed because female take care of kittens and have much to think of…

Haha Francesca I actually have no idea!

James, I loved all the photos, especially the eye🤗

Love this!!

Very interesting blog on elephants, James. Learnt a lot. Thank you so much. Wendy M

I love those macro shots of the elephant skin, that is very interesting.

Fascinating post. Thanks for descriptive details and the photos to match!

Incredible creation of life

Thank you! That was very informative. The more one learns, the more one realises how little one knows.

Thank you. I appreciate learning something new about wildlife and whilst I knew about the functions of an elephant’s tusks, I had no idea why their lashes were so important. I have spent much time on safaris just shooting images of these same parts and also their feet- a bit more of the challenge in shooting these beautiful animals.

James, we were supposed celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary Sept 5, 2020. Now we are going to celebrate our 51st wedding anniversary Sept 5, 2021

Senior Digital Ranger

Well, first of all, We know it doesn’t have to be asked if the Elephant wears Maybelline mascara, yet we also know that far and few women would desire to have an Elephant’s eyelashes, less it be for Halloween! (Haha!)
And as for the “Catholic diet,” You missed one item on the short list James, (less it need to be mentioned, bahahaha! .. smile- chuckle). –
One thing you didn’t mention, is “how” Elephants handle those thorn branches? Accordingly, Elephants have four molars that they go through 6 sets (times) in their lifetimes. That’s not many teeth! .. How does an Elephant handle the thorns when they ingest them? How do they not get jabbed by the thorns? ..Is their internal mouth lining structure super thick? They are not only immense creatures, but intensely solid creatures inside as well as out, beyond conceptualization and measure!
And another question: Why does an Elephant’s skin wrinkle up the way it does? Is it due to a lack of animal hormones (compared to that of a human’s collagen make-up?) An Elephant’s physical composition is truly compelling in thought.

Fascinating James. You guys are walking encyclopedias.! For someone who grew up near the bushveld l learn something new every day. Can certainly relate to the crusty old skin 😂, sadly it doesn’t help to keep me cooler. 🙏💕

Very interesting! I learned something new today! Thanks!

Simply fascinating. I always LOVE those little details to color in the picture.

Great blog with interesting new information for me, all well-illustrated with your photos, James. Thanks!

Senior Digital Ranger

Great information and the photos are wonderful!

Digital Tracker

Awww I love ellies so very much.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for the interesting blog

Elephants are wonderful and it is do interesting to learn about these useful tools they have. I usually am so overwhelmed by their size and est hung them play in the water I had not thought about these necessary items. thank you ! Victoria

Interesting facts on elephants. I love the photos.

Senior Digital Ranger

Very informative indeed James.Elephant lack sweat glands does this have something to do with their epidermis composition? Thermoregulatory mechanism of elephants is however functional and use of thermal windows oe must l say *hotspots* disseminates heat away from vital organs.Extra loose skin is a natural temperature regulation model in that it dilutes excess heat.Wrinkled skin as well plays a vital role in temp regulation.Monocular sight abtly compensated by acute smell,hearing.Tail seems to have sensory processing ability too , l have observed many a time that objects from the back environs seem to be picked up by the tail detecting vibrations or movements in immediate environs thus alerting elephant.

Senior Digital Ranger

Elephants feet have act as 3rd ear by virtue of picking up inaudible inter-specie communication signals sounds that humans aint able to hear as they are low frequency.This ultra sonic sound travels further via hard surfaces like the ground.. Elephants pick up these codes via their pads beneath feet,foot structure & composition is soft ,spongy , nerve filled and after picking up vital data off the ground and its conveyed to brain for further review.This elephants radio code like serves to share resource and security themed intel amongst elephants.

More utterly fascinating details of these amazing animals!

Good written! Thank you for sharing these interesting facts!

“Don’t we all.” Amen brother

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