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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #455

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Stunning pics this week.

Great photo of the giraffe–eyelashes!!

Incredible Hyena picture

Congratulations to the Tacker Academy and to those who make their training possible. And best wishes for a brilliant future.

Master Tracker

The Birmingham Male, lovely shot and the bloody hyena – faves. Both would be on my wall. Especially the hyena.

In Samburu at Save The Elephants , they have a Land Cruiser that an elephant put its tusk through. Basically it crushed it like you or I would crush a drinks can It is a very mangled Land Cruiser. Your photo of the closeness of the tusk to the Land Rover reminded me .

PS As you moderate , you can take this bit out but I will send you the picture if you want?

PPS Thanks for the blog, it cheers my day up

As always beautiful photos guys..just love the dew drops on the reeds and the klipspringer 🙏💕

The male lion in the last photo looks like the Northern Avoca male commonly called “Blondie” rather than a Birmingham male

Apologies, yes, I accidentally attributed the wrong caption to the wrong photo. Well spotted

James, I loved all the photos, especially the Lion🤗

I think there are 2 Avoca males? – surely the Birmingham male wouldn’t chase them on his own?

Hi Suzanne; he may well do. They aren’t quite as big as him. There may have been the other Birmingham male nearby as well but we didn’t see him…

James, it is likely that Makhomsava’s father would be Anderson? Her eyes really look like him and I know that she was born in the northern parts of Londolozi.

He’s definitely the most likely candidate!

I was really taken by the photo of the Lappet-faced vulture taking flight. Such grace and power.

Beautiful pictures. I think you should do a blog post on the Lion dynasties throughout the years I’d be quite interested in that! Thanks!

Beautiful pictures. Thanks!

Senior Digital Ranger

As my favorite picture is for the week, (the up-close of the giraffe),.. Wouldn’t it be nice to have natural eye lashes like the giraffe? She has such a lovely energy and expression.

Great pictures!
So, the Avoca males and the Birmingham males were involved on a fight recently?

Hi Tino, not a fight, more like a verbal confrontation…


Hi James superb animals and pictures as usual… the elephant tusk close-up and the dewdrops are strikingeach in a different way. I do hope the the ostrich still have chicks! It must be so difficult. They are regal birds and regal is the male lion in the picture. The Tsalala lioness does look disappointed! I love the klipspringer such an exquisite creature and the picture of the young crocodile is interesting.

Hello James. Who are the 4 male lions in the coalition to the south of londolozi that you’re referring to?

Hi Chris,
They are called the N’waswishaka males

Digital Ranger

Awesome photos, thanks for sharing!

Another week of great photos. I did read your caption for the male lion at the end, Avoca. He didn’t look like the Birmingham male. Fingers crossed Tsalala can hold on to her kills! The wildlife activity is amazing there….

Hi James. Interesting blog and great pictures, as usual. Speaking about the Tracker Academy you write «these young men… » Are there any women among the team?

Hi Madeleine,
The tracker Academy does accept female students there just don’t happen to be any in this intake…

That image of the Avoca Male is spectacular!! Also love the drone shot of the Tracker Academy students!

Did the Birminghams really chase the Northern Avoca and are you going to post the picture along with the story? If not here than on your social media platforms?

Hi Zaahid, apologies that was the wrong caption for the photo. That was an Avoca male not a Birmingham male.
Yes we have heard the Birminghams roaring and moving north in response to the Avoca males calling but we don’h have nay footage as much of it happens at night.

Stunning camera captures. Poor Tsalala lioness, life has not been easy for her but she is a true survivor. Thank you so much Londolozi.

Brilliant weeks of photography!!

Senior Digital Ranger

I love that every picture has a great story… the intrigue and beauty of each creature is endless…what a gift you are “all” so good at sharing…

Great shots gang! Awesome image of the Avoca male! Added to ouyr favorites!

Senior Digital Ranger

very enlightening girraffe images . powerful

Senior Digital Ranger

awesome images that give a wonderful message from nature

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