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on Elephant Gazing

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Amanda, loved all the photos

Oh Amanda I always love your blogs. You write beautifully. Reading this I can imagine myself sitting on the deck, watching the elephants. The calm and peace. Lovely.

Almost feels like I’m there–great job!
Elephants are unexpectedly graceful and quiet. When we first encountered a herd, we couldn’t believe they had come upon us almost silently.

Senior Digital Ranger

There is no where else I’d rather be!

Senior Digital Ranger

Oh my goodness, thank you for that wonderful and meditative reflection on your experience on the platform – drinking in the sights and sounds of your contemplation up high. You have encapsulated everything that makes the bush so meaningful to me. Your introduction with the shapes, colours, shadows and textures of the trees set the scene for perfect harmony. The elephants were a bonus. I could have stayed there all day just ‘being’.

Very nice Amanda. Still enjoying the moment

Master Tracker

I did that one afternoon, up by the Causeway. Just sat on the boulder and watched a small family of elephants walk towards us. Must have taken 90 minutes, the thing is when you sit like that and watch in total silence you become absorbed by the scene and not the other way around.
It was one of the most magical moments I have ever had .
The quietest game drive I have ever had and certainly one of the most rewarding .
The following day we followed wild dog on a successful hunt.
So in two consecutive drives complete opposites , an amazing 24 hours.

Then I went home

Digital Ranger

Superb comment, Ian.

Ooh, I’m there with you right now, at least in spirit – can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be. The reality will hopefully come in February….

Your narrative was so inviting that I could hear the birds’ melodies and watch the elephant family slowly make their way to the water, drink, play and then on cue, disappear. Whilst I don’t have a platform for viewing, I can sit in the backyard and watch the hummingbird drink the nectar from its feeder, laugh at the squirrels digging in the soil to find buried peanuts or listen to the blue jays squawking at each other….. not as exotic but moments of peace in this crazy time. Thank you!

You gave me happy tears today, Amanda. I spent my 60th birthday in that treehouse in 2018, and while no elephants came that day and it was so hot that my husband and I threw the champagne ice on our heads, it is one of my most treasured memories. Plan to be back November 2021 with a group of mostly first time safari goers. That will be my 4th visit, but Londo and the elephants are with me always in my heart.

Right there with you Amanda (in spirit at least) … nice story!

We were able to experience that a few years ago. Such fun although we didn’t stay long. Maybe 15 minutes. Wish it were still available for a ‘night under the stars.”

Oh yes please Amanda !!!! I could so do that right now. There in spirit but oh….to be there in the flesh 🙏🏻💕💕💕

Absolutely beautifully written, thanks Amanda….felt I was right there, by the river …peace and tranquility all around!……

Amanda, what a lovely peaceful and thoughtful blog. Sounds to me like heaven on earth and I could actually picture myself there with you. I am sure I would feel at perfect peace sitting and observing a herd of elephants. They really are sentient beings and amazing to watch their interaction with each other. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Take care, be well and stay safe all of you at Londolozi.

I’m with you up on that treehouse platform, up in that jackalberry tree, Amanda! Having been up there in the past, I can just feel the breeze, see the elephants and know the warmth of the sun through the leafy branches. Thank you for sharing your special experience.

If we had the opportunity I’m sure most of us would stay forever!
Beautiful blog thank you

Stay, stay I will. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

what a fabulous afternoon! wish I could be there! Thank you for sharing! Victoria

This is a beautiful post, and a wonderful guided meditation as I wander off I’m my imagination!

I am with you! What an experience!

Digital Ranger

Please, are there other mammals whose mammary glands are located on the front of the chest? I keep thinking that elephants and Homo sapiens are the only ones. I think this is a subject worth discussing.

We were lucky enough to have lunch in the treehouse for our 40th anniversary , 3 years ago. It was the most fantastic experience, no ellies unfortunately but a huge rhino and some vultures having a drink, so memorable. Thank you

Amanda, How awesome to see this post from you! We loved your meditations, and this story led us back to the magical Londolozi wilderness! Thank you for creating a special moment with beautiful memories attached! We have visited a treehouse, but are wondering if the image you shot was from the one where Boyd did his 40/40?

Hi Michael and Terri
So lovely to hear from you both. Yes, it is indeed the same spot that Boyd did his 40 days and 40 nights – the most beautiful treehouse!

Beautiful 😉

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