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Anna worked at Londolozi for almost 9 years. A lodge like Londolozi, although famous for its wildlife, is about far more than just that. The superb culinary experience which awaits every guest at Londolozi is thanks to the continued efforts of Anna, who ...

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on Londolozi’s Lockdown Larder – The Perfect Pizza

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Oh Anna. Thank you so much for sharing the pizza recipe. You know pizza is definetly our favourite. Love the idea of red wine in the sheba. We made pizza with sourdough. It came out very nice.

Thanks Marinda – yes, the wine definitely increases the Sheeba flavour! Ask Kim for one of her reds!

Hi – excellent! Thank you Anna and Abigail for sharing the taste of Londolozi ‘s pizza!

I may have to plan to stay longer next July!

The longer the better and the more delicious! x

Anna hope you are safe and well! your pizza is something we remember with fondness. Looking forward to having it again when the world is safer. Victoria

Thank you Victoria!

Senior Digital Ranger

Okay, so we have the risen dough, the delish Sheeba sauce spread over ….. and then what? This is like an excellent cliffhanger …. what comes next! Ideas for toppings … temperature of oven for cooking as I don’t have the outdoor braai here in the UK. Thank you for all the mouthwateringly good recipes you post 🙂

HI Linda! after the sheeba, as i mentioned any kind of topping your heart desires! from anchovies to bacon or pineapple, feta, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, lobster….
If using an oven, the temperature would be best 180*C / 356*F until the cheese on top has melted and the base is nice and crispy! Enjoy 🙂

Anna, I love pizza🤗

Yumm! A favorite of mine to grill on the bbq. Sauce sounds great but why omit the wine just because it’s lockdown? Here in California, we can still buy wine in our grocery stores and I know Woolworth’s store in South Africa has a great wine department….just curious.

Hi Denise – we have had ‘lockdown prohibition’ in SA for the past few months, hence me saying that! We are now allowed to purchase wine again so no doubt, most people will add it in!

Aghhhh this sounds yummy!!

Under Chef Anna’s superb culinary management, the cuisine at Londolozi is world class. Her passion and talent for cooking and teaching is evident in every meal I have had the pleasure of enjoying. She and her excellent staff are true artisans with food. I hope to return to Londolozi in the future to enjoy many more meals.
Shout out to Sous Chef Eric as well!!
Mike Mort CEC

Thank you so much Mike – i have also passed your ‘shout out’ to Eric who was very happy! Look forward to your next Londolozi visit. x

Perfect Anna! I can’t wait to try this !

Boy does this look yummy! Love the addition of the wine in the sheba! Can’t wait to have it in person when we come back to Londolozi next July. Stay well and thanks for sharing!

Yum, will no doubt make a sourdough vase, but Def going to try your Sheeba sauce ! Thanks 😊👍

Anna, We love your pizzas and flatbreads too! The fun is never knowing how you will surprise us with the most delicous and creative toppings! Maybe we will try making the dough while we are locked down! Thanks for keeping the “Lockdown Larder” open! 😉

Thanks Michael & Terri – the dough is great and you can put anything you desire on top – if i was in Sarasota, i’d be using some of that delicious lobster!

Thanks as always Anna. My challenge will be recreating Jerry chasing hyenas from the bonfire!

Haha! Yes! Hope you’re well Al

Best meal at Londoz especially when done in the green egg and all down to the base, will be giving it a bash and let you know how it goes

Thought you’d both enjoy this blog! It was by Ali’s request that i wrote it!

Senior Digital Ranger

oh yum, this looks so good! Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to give it a bash at home

Oh, really love this. But I have never made pizza before, so…………….. what about oven temperature? When do we do the cheese? Thanks in advance……………….

Hi Irene – you can make your pizza with any cheese, however, mozzarella is the preferable topping. Your oven temperature should be 180*C / 356*F. You add the cheese after you’ve put your toppings on, so it can melt over!

Thanks Anna! I will have a go this weekend………………

Lovely, and you’re making me very hungry Chef Anna, as it is approaching lunchtime here in California!! Wishing you all the best!

Thanks Paul – hope you had a time to whip up a great pizza!

We’re having a bit of a heatwave at the moment, but plan on cranking up the home oven this coming weekend to make your pizza for the family!!❤️

Digital Ranger

It looks wonderful. Wish I was there!

Anna thank you for sharing your pizza recipe – sounds delicious. Trust you are all safe and well at Londolozi.

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