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Flat Rock 3:2 Male

Flat Rock 3:2 Male

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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #452

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Fantastic full moon! this is my choice. Also wonderful animals and plants- elephants are majestic and Birmingham males too. I love the photo of the giraffe on the airstripe. You chose birds that have very interesting behaviour from drongo to jacana- notoriously a p oliandric species having the female more partners that take care of the eggs.

Amazing pics this week. Love all of it. Difficult to choose a favourite.

A wonderful variety this week. Most enjoyable way to begin my Friday. Thanks to everyone at Londolozi

The unidentified male seen at Plaque Rock could be the Molwati male, a big quite skittish male that has a huge territory, going from approximately Mala Mala Camp up to the southern part of Djuma

Master Tracker

The photo of the two Birmingham males would make my wall

So the Flat Rock male is still tolerating his son, who must be around 1 year 9 months now? Wonder if he’ll kick him out soon, or whether it will be like the Inyathini male and his son Tortoise Pan?

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful pictures as usual, thank you everyone! James that black and white Eli photo by the waterhole is just spectacular, definitely my favourite for the week.

Lovely shots and I appreciated all of the different subjects. The Jacana on the hippos head give me a good laugh.

Senior Digital Ranger

My word, what a stunning array of glorious photographs to end the week. Thank you all – the elephant shots were especially wonderful when taken at ground level showing the sheer enormity of those magnificent animals.

As always, great pictures! How did you get the super low angle on the elephant picture (the one in the banner)? I especially love that picture.

The leopard and his nyala seem to be almost a posed shot. Good job!

Senior Digital Ranger

There’s not a week that goes by amidst the compilation of Spectacular pictures that are captured! – From the upclose of the Senegal Bush male, to the Elephant under the fork-tailed drongo perched above him. – Likewise, the peacefulness of Barred owlet followed by the finale of the full moon creates quite the visual story in feeling.
Your composition deserves pure Kudos James.

Another great WIP! Your ending with that beautiful full moon was a highlight to be sure, although the b/w elephants in front of the Big Sky was equally stunning! Thank you!!

Always a pleasure scrolling through another week full of Londolozi magic!!

James, I loved all the photos, pack of wild dogs, pearl spotted owls, the moon, 2 Birmingham males, leopard in the tree🤗

What a fabulous week for pictures!! so glad the wild dog “ 3 eared “ pack is well. you can never have enough elephants. Bruce once drove us carefully into the midst of a rather large herd. impressive and just a tad scary ! Thank you for a great start to my day. Victoria

Another week of brilliant images!

Fabulous shots 🙏 think the birds win this week for me. Superb 🙏💗

Thanks for this week’s beautiful pictures. I love all of them.

When the Senegal Bush Male (known Kunyuma in his natal area in the northern Sabi Sands) was a cub and young male, he was much the same way as he is currently is as an adult, though I would think it’s more he has a tendency to let vehicles know when they are close enough and he likes his space. And who isn’t defensive of food? Haha! Great selection of photos as always Londolozi team!

Sorry guys, I should have read the caption more closely. Didn’t realize he was snarling at two hyenas. My apologies!

Has the Ximhungwe Young Male begun venturing further afield from his core area or is he still frequenting the core areas of his mother’s territory? Also thought that the Inyathini Male was believed to be his father? Though it’s possible I could be mixing him up with another young male.

James and team, what an amazing set of shots this week. The B&W of the Elephants takes the cake though! Thank you!

Senior Digital Ranger

Great blog! Thank You. The Ximhungwe Male is the son of Flat Rock, who is his mother and how old is he.. He is a very handsome fellow.

Digital Tracker

Absolutely stunning pics!!!!

Love all the photos, but especially the leopard photos! And I am glad you included James Souchon’s full moon photo! Beautiful to say the least!

We are arguing whether the Wild Dog in the pic above is the father of the 3 eared pack, or whether you are talking about a totally different pack altogether, James? Perhaps we are a bit dense! Wendy and Neil MacNicol

Kunyuma looking like his usual snarly self!

A really good TWIP James. A nice assortment of wildlife and nice to see some that you rarely see at Londolozi. Love the pic of the full moon, but hard to pick a favourite. All good. Take care all of you, be well and stay safe.

Love the shot of the barred owlet!!

I love the picture of the giraffe crossing the air strip💚

Love the black/whites and the buffalo shot. So miss the bush and all of you. ❤️

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