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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #451

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Stunning pucs. Love the sunrise and the blacksmith lapwing. Beautiful.

Love Pete’s photo of the blacksmith lapwing, looks more like a painting! Great to see the 3 Rivers female again, I last saw her 4 years ago when she was a cub, with her male sibling and mother (Xidulu). The Plaque Rock female is also looking well.

Senior Digital Ranger

What a fabulous gallery of photos this week. You have all captured what makes the bush so utterly magic and mysterious. And also the little things that you have caught on camera that make up the larger picture of the true beauty of Londolozi. Thank you for sharing and filling my heart with joy.

Lovely pics, guys. Always nice to have some of the small buggers in the mix! Have a great weekend all and Happy Women’s Day to the ladies out there!!

Another beautiful week, thanks to all.

Master Tracker

The impala photo shows what can be achieved with the aperture wide open . A lovely photo of an oft neglected species

Well, my bird guess wasn’t correct, but at least I got eagle in my attempt. I enjoyed viewing TWIP this week- it made me feel as though I’m there. Hoping you reopen soon….

Very glad to see Plaque Rock still doing well! We saw her in a confrontation with Kunyuma (Senegal Bush Male) last August 2019 when he stole her kill up in a tree. The leopards of Londolozi never fail to delight!

James, I loved all the photos🤗

Winter time makes photos very soft on the eye! Lovely photos this week!!

Senior Digital Ranger

James, hi. Have any of you heard anything about ours wild dogs puppis? 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕

As beautiful as always, all your pictures. I like all of them. My favorite today is the one of the slender mongoose.

Love the pics! Very creative! And always happy to see the Three Rivers female! Thanks for sharing!

Tremendous week of photos. Thanks allnn

Great selection of photos James and Sean! Couple questions regarding the leopard dynamics if you don’t mind:

1. Has the Three Rivers Female ever produced a litter before or would this be her first time mating? I thought I remembered something about her having cubs, but perhaps I am thinking of another female
2. Have you had any sign of the Mashaba Female’s cub, and does she frequent the northwest as well?

Hi Michael,
The Three Rivers female hasn’t reproduced before, so this would be her first litter.
We haven’t had any sign of the Mashaba female’s cub, but the female was seen last week and it looked like she was still lactating, so there’s hope…

Digital Tracker

Absolutely stunning pics! Just breathtaking!

Hi there James. The picture I took today for a Screensaver is the one of the Slender Mongoose – in a tree nogal! – busy alarm calling! How unusual. Never seen that before. So very interesting. Thank you James and all who make these pics so interesting. Wendy M

Was the Three Rivers female previously the Tamboti young female? 🤔

Hi Tracey,
No, she was the Xidulu young female. The Tamboti young female has moved way down into the southern section of the Sabi Sand and we don’t see her anymore…

wonderful photos. good to see that in the bush and in Londolozi life and nature continue to work well together! thank you Victoria

Thanks James….. beautiful photos….- everyone of them!……

Amazing images!! Love that shot of the Three Rivers Female especially!

Thank you James Tyrell

Senior Digital Ranger

l find the bird challenge mentally challenging and brilliant skills test.
Hippo milk is pink any idea why?

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