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Bronwyn is 4th generation custodian of Londolozi Game Reserve, a mother, Master life coach and also one of its most longstanding employees, having grown up on the floors of the kitchen and in the gardens of the lodge. Bronwyn’s official title is that ...

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on Mandela Day 2020

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It is this sort of approach and spiritual awareness that separates Londolozi from the many lodges that have little in common with the communities around them.
I have been safari-ing for thirty years and seen these ethos at just two lodges, one being Londolozi and the other in Kenya .

Moving words food for thoughts. Thank you

Bronwyn, wonderful blog today, Mandela🤗

Mandela was a great man, this is a strong blog today. I wish that everyone around the world could learn from this man. Thanks so much for today.

One of my most memorable and thought-provoking travel experiences was my visit to Robben Island where Mandela
was imprisoned for 18 of the 27 years he served behind bars.

Wow, you are keeping the gardens with permaculture. Really good to read this, I do the same here in NL. As Mandela day is on Saturday, I will work in the garden and collect foodstuffs for some people around me who are having difficulty in scraping it together every month…….

Senior Digital Ranger

A wonderful reflection on the life of a truly great man. Thank you for sharing Londolozi with us today. Lovely to see the children involved too.

What a beautiful blog today Bronwyn and the words written and read by Boyd so very touching. I would love to share this with everyone in Malta where greed is transforming this unique Mediterranean island to concrete, where the environment has been backbenched and migrating birds are shot for pleasure. Since Covid began, I have been helping prepare food in a community kitchen for those who have lost their jobs or are no longer able to feed themselves or their families. We are now Covid free, but the kitchen continues. Wishing your all peace and hoping that your lives will soon return to some normality. Though from the outside looking in, your world seems just that…. peaceful and normal 🙏🏻💕

Excuse me for crying all through your presentation. I am sharing this video with everyone in my life. Thank you all for – I can’t begin to put it into words… A team of people and I are committed to seeing Haiti being transformed; which, to me, would be a larger version of your campus. Imagine an entire nation and an entire world living this way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing such a call to become who we are meant to be; your video will become a tool in each teacher’s classroom to move students of every age to being a decent human being first and a contribution to all immediately following, like drops of water in a stream. You all are brilliant. I can’t wait to meet you.

Communication is power and your piece on Mandela Day is very inspiring! I’m new to Londolozi (have only been there once last fall) but not new to the messaging, yet it drives me deeper toward more contribution and participation on a global level for all humans. Thank you for giving …..


Except my favourite ones are the animal ones

But it was still good

So proud of Londolozi focus on Mandela and actively copy his awareness.

A very moving celebration of Mandela Day and really moving words.

Bronwyn, It is inspiring to continue to see the focus and leadership that you and our Londolozi family pour into celebrating Nelson Mandella in so many ways. We were honored to be at Londolozi last year on the celebration day and remember the fun we had, and mess we all made :-), repainting the children’s playground. There was paint everywhere! Love to all!

Thank you Bronwyn for this terrific blog and the 67 minute challenge. I read it this morning and took your challenge, spending far more than 67 minutes working with African American friends and leaders in my hometown, Oakland California, on ways I can use my privilege to support desperately needed changes in white supremacist structures here (locally and overall in the US). To be completely transparent, this is what I’ve been doing regularly, but your challenge created a specific and special intention for the day.

Everything I am doing is on a local level and in support of my community. It is difficult work, as it is people with my skin color (white) who have to speak to each other and make the changes, not the African American community. But it is absolutely time for change (beyond time really) and any difficulties are vastly outweighed by the benefits. While I am not in this type of effort for personal gain, but rather to be of service, the return benefits are immeasurable. After reading Boyd’s first book and engaging with your wonderful community (I hope to visit with my sister Tina some day!), I was even more energized to be on the right side of history. Isn’t it odd that we in the US can see the issues the great Mandela confronted and you have all worked on for so many years and cheer, yet not see our own work ahead? Sometimes the storm must come before the calm!

Anyway, all love and gratitude for this meditation and your challenge.

Tremendous blog today! Thank you for getting us all thinking how we may be of service!

Senior Digital Ranger

I find this word “Ubuntu to be so deeply profound upon its meaning, thus stated “I am because of you” philosophy. It extends in thought to what is said in philosophy in Hawaii, being “Be the Aloha you want to see in the world.” –
If only Londolozi’s pride, ethics and compassion, c0-joined by the charismatic beliefs, humanity, philosophy and vision brought forth by Nelson Mandela could be shared around the world. It would be an immense movement towards creating the possibility for transformation in how we interact with each other.

Inspiring to see how you’re all living the spirit of Ubuntu. We are jealous, though of your extended community “bubble” during this SIP. We two are alone in quarantine here in California, surrounded by virus outbreaks, enjoying nature only near our home and looking forward to better times ahead.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for reminding us of the spiritual importance of a deep felt sense of service and giving back.

Such a thoughtful blog today, truly inspired by the words of Boyd and mesmerizing images of Roxy creating such a beautiful portrait of Mandela. There should be a Mandela Day around the world, purposely initiated to enable all to listen to his words…. creating a worldwide effort to not be complacent, but act to preserve, protect and defend. Ubuntu, one word that could change all of us for the better.

Senior Digital Ranger

Words to make us weep with thoughts to inspire. Oh Madiba, if only The World would listen!

He was such an amazing man, we sure can use his wise words especially with all of the crisis in the World today.

Just love the Mandela Meditation – have listened to it now numerous times and each time it sink in deeper. Thank You Boyd, Bronwyn and Roxy. such a powerful message – Looking for the Mandela within. xxxx

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