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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #448

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Stunning pics. Love the Flat Rock male.

Senior Digital Ranger

These are fantastic photos … and especially as you take them from way down low – almost at eye-level with the animals which gives such an ‘intimate’ took at their faces. Do you have the cameras on a special hoist that allows you to drop it down low …. or are you brave and at face-level with them?!

Proof reading “pink pouch” for the missing k…?

Senior Digital Ranger

I think the global warming is only at the North Pole !
Here our summer is more winter at the moment

Terrific TWIP! Let’s hope you are opening up soon so we can all get fabulous shots like these! Love the leopard shots, especially the Flat Rock male, the Mashaba female and the Finfoot female! I also thought that was an excellent shot of the lappet faced vulture taking flight and the lioness watching the vulture was beautiful! Time to get back to business! 🙏

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for all the pictures and the virtual safari’s, they are so appreciated. Have a fantastic weekend!

Beautiful pictures and blog – can’t wait to be able to visit you again – thank you

Hi, wouldn’t it be possible to oraganise “Covid-safe safari”? A tour operator in India does it. I would really love to see Londolozi in winter. Best compliments for the pictures they are all beautiful and so are the animals.

Great update James! We love the intent look of the Finfoot female. Nice to see a new pride in the neighborhood. How many are in that pride? Which males do they connect with?

Any photos?-The Finfoot female killing a bushbuck and hoisting it in front of incredulous staff right in the middle of the staff village.

Hi Vin, unfortunately only some grainy iPhone footage; we were all taken by surprise and our cameras were up int the rangers’ room!

The Flat Rock male image is certainly the poster animal for this week; perfect lighting, composition….. all in all, terrific images to keep us in the loop.

Senior Digital Ranger

Once again the photos you have captured keeps reminding us all how magical Londolozi is. Can’t wait to come back…💕Thank you

Thank you so much James Tyrell, Very good today, Probably my favourite blog ever

I particularly liked the leopard photos

Beautiful shots. I loved the Finfoot female, the Giraffe journey and Nkuhuma pride! Stay Safe and warm out there.

Thank you so much for these daily blogs. Sorry we had to postpone, but we will be there next year. Best wishes
Mitch and Jan

All your photos are just great! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Master Tracker

Even by the very high Londolozi standards, the opening photo of the Flat Rock male is a stunner

What I also wanted to say: I am so dreadfully sorry for you, for Londolozi, for Africa, for all the animals, for us who cannot come and enjoy a wonderful safari….though I am grateful that I can at least see all this beauty in your pictures.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for the opportunity to catch up on some of our favorite characters.. I read you considered Senegal Bush skittish. As a youngster he was always the illusive one, his brother Quarantine was the social butterfly. Senegal Bush was also nicknamed Snarly because he carries on his mothers love of snarling, but I think he and his sister Thandi perfected it! LOL Thanks again.. I hope the Nkuhuma’s come home to N Sabi Sands Soon.

Great pics, thanks!

For the last 10 days we have been on vacation without youngest son and his wife and 3 boys. we have bernons catamaran where we were the only guests thereby keeping us reasonably safe from COVID. it was a lesson in contrasts as we were always on the boat swimming, snorkeling and learning about a new area. Today we returned to home and I have now had Aveo derail time catching up on the news of Londolozi. in 2014 we brought this half to Londolozi in February. They adored every minute and always want to come back with their baby brother who was born in May of that year and says when do I get to go. Guess we better work on that. Glad you are all safe and that life goes on in the bush.Thankyou! Victoria

Fabulous Leopard photographs this week, well always,…but the Cardinal Woodpecker and Rhino were pretty special too. thanks James. Hope the government change their stance on the recent lockdown regulations soon !!

Each photo seems special this week – thank you. I am especially intrigued by the Senegal Bush male, his coloring, his eyes reminding me of the late Anderson male …

These are just amazing photographs. We are visiting next year and just beyond excited. Thank you for providing these stunning visuals.

Love the sunset shots,I agree about shooting into the sun.

Hi Londolozi team! Thanks for the great array of photos this week and great to see a picture of the Nkuhuma lioness known by some as the Pale-Eyed Female.

In case you were interested, here is an age breakdown for the Pride:
– Purple-Eyed Lioness – born approximately March 2012, sired by the Matimba Males (when the coalition of 6 was still moving back and forth from the Manyeleti and Sabi Sands)
– Ridge-nosed Lioness and the Amber-Eyed Lioness – born December 2012, sired by the Matimba Males
– Mother of the youngest cub (aka Chela Female)
– Pale-Eyed Lioness and Nick-Eared Lioness (occasionally by herself) – born May 2016 to the Purple-Eyed Lioness, sired by the Birmingham Males
– Tattered-Eared Lioness – born Late May-early June 2016, sired by the Birmingham Males
– Youngest Adult Lioness/Daughter of the Ridge-nosed Lioness – born July 2016 to the Ridge-nosed Lioness, sired by the Birmingham Males

Here is a breakdown of the cubs for you:
– 2 males: born May 2019 to the Ridge-nosed Lioness, sired by the Northern Avoca Males
– 4 (3 F, 1 M): born July 2019 to the Amber-Eyed Lioness, sired by the Northern Avoca Males
– 2 males: born August 2019 to the Purple-Eyed Lioness, sired by the Northern Avoca Males
– 1 male: born December 2019 to the Chela Female, sired by the Northern Avoca Males

Hope this info can be of some help to you all in your documentation!

Thanks very much Michael, that’s enormously helpful!

Let’s hope the sightings continue!

Another amazing week! Two images jumped out at me: The lighting on the Flat Rock male while drinking from the Sands River. Stunning!! And our queen Mashaba’s head propped up on the mound. Again the light was very special and she appeared very peaceful. Beautiful portrait image. Great job!

I’ve added several photos to my “favourites” this week – but my top award definitely goes to Guy’s giraffes at sunset, truly spectacular.

Yet another lovely week in pictures .. . the initial photograph of the Flat Rock male is absolutely stunning. Thanks so much.

what is the dominant male of nkuhuma pride?

Hi Adriel,
It is the northern Avoca males…

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