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Guy worked as a ranger for Londolozi from 2017 until the end of 2021. He grew up in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. From a young age he visited the bush each holiday. It was during these early years that his passion and interest was ...

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on The Power of 21 Lions Walking Past

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Guy, wonderful blog today, the lions where walking by the Land Rover🤗

Senior Digital Ranger

Having seen this Pride with all the cubs a couple of years ago it is thrilling to see them grown and healthy!

They are all doing very well, certainly putting a lot more pressure on the females when it comes to feeding time.

Great stuff but shouldnt it be 22?

Unfortunately one of the cubs didn’t make last year after it sustained an injury and couldn’t stay up with the speed of the pride.

Love the walk by! It’s always super exciting to have that happen. I find myself holding my breath when they get close. Always in awe of being that close.

Takes me right back to my first safari experience with a pride of lions. I will never forget that amazing moment when I was within 3 feet of a lion in its natural environment and how completely at ease and uninterested they were in our vehicle or the occupants. Truly a life altering experience.

Wow! Just amazing.

It is a fantastic experience to see all those felines walking so close to the vehicle. Quite amazing. 21 of them, including the two Big Boys! Thank you for sharing these truly astonishing experience with us – even if it is by email. Wendy M

Very good

I haven’t had that feeling before but I can imagine how good it must be.

I have just watched the video and it is really cool

I have just watched the video and it is really cool

Thank you so much

Very glad you enjoyed it.

Cracking video. I do recall my first experience like this. It gave me heart palpitations!

Talk about a rush of adrenaline! I had one just watching the video. 🤣 I love sitting watching lions in real a lot better though.

Wow! Amazing, even viewing via your video. Even I get chills and I’m 10,000 miles away. I postponed until the beginning of April’21 and whilst the pride most likely will have divided by then, hopefully there will be new cubs! Thanks for keeping us entertained and up to date. I still can’t believe the magnificence of the manes of the Birmingham males.

Look forward to your return Denise. It is highly likely that some of the males could be pushed out into independence by then but the females will stay in the pride.

So amazing in every way!

How wonderful, Guy. I had the same experience last year in Londolozi when the same whole pride went past our car. It’s just awe inspiring and not much can be compared to such an experience.
I also remember the first time when a pride of lions came past my car: 15 lions altogether, one after the other walking majestically past the car – lots of years ago. And each time the same feeling of awe and wonder and admiration.

Its a feeling that I don’t think will ever get old. No matter how many times you experience it.

WOW!!! Completely astonishing! What a great experience. Thanks for sharing this Guy!

Beautiful sight, looking forward to it!

It is such a special moment when a single lion walks right past you – but 21! I’ve seen the Ntsevu pride but they were indulging in their usual pastime of lying down with a bit of light grooming. The 1st time we came to Londolozi though (10 years ago) we were lucky enough to have a pride of 9 (8 females and a Majingilane male bringing up the rear) walk right past us in single file, some of them looking straight at us in the vehicle. Talk about making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up! – it was an experience that will never be forgotten. We’re so looking forward to coming back in February.

What an experience that must be Guy! Such a powerhouse pride!

Guy, also meant to ask in my original comment if you can confirm a sex ratio of the sub-adults for me?

Hello Michael, if I’m not mistaken there are 6 young males.

Wow wow wow!

WonderfuI king and queens. how old are the males? Do you think they will manage to rule over the pride for a while?

Hello Francesca, the males are about 10 years old now. They have been dominant on Londolozi for over 2 years and at the moment there isn’t too much competition at the moment. but that could change very quickly.

Yes, it was for me an awful (I.e. full of awe) time when lion walked past me whist I was in the vehicle. Initially I felt calm but as they Quietly but seemingly purposefully walked by I felt fear & yet admiration in their purpose. We in the vehicle had nothing to do with lion purpose. They could have had us for a snack but we were piecemeal in their ways & I felt insignificant, with some relief

Guy, What a cool video! It’s so amazing that they pay almost no attention to you. It’s almost like you’re just a tree!

What an awesome experience Guy. You just never know what the day will bring do you. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I do hope that when you do reopen that your guests will be treated to such a sight. Be well and stay safe all of you at Londolozi.

Senior Digital Ranger

I can so imagine that seeing a massive lion brush by the Landrover, would be quite a “controlled and quiet adrealine rush!” .. Watching the lion stop and give things a short thought, as if,..”Hmm, my meal,..” and then, “Nah, too early for my dinner!” might just leave your heart beating a tad!..
That, and, just being able to have that close up connection with the lion(s) must leave you with such a rewarding sense of awe upon what you get to do as your job Guy!
I fully get that you can ever get enough of seeing the lions. – Digesting your exhilaration and admiration for their up-close presence is a surreal feeling unto itself, from afar! – Your passion and sharing are so appreciated!

An avalanche of lions!! Wonderful………………………….


We had a similar experience at dusk–turning to darkness. It was a feeling of insignificance when one looked directly at me, seemingly brushing against the vehicle, making eye contact, then trudging off with the rest.

Senior Digital Ranger

What an experience! I hope to visit again at some point and see them in all their glory

Senior Digital Ranger

That is an absolutely awesome video … and beautifully shot at a perfect angle to see the immense power of each lion. Thank you so much. Just a question … why do the cubs have black tips to their ears … and when do they start to lose the colour as I saw some with diminishing tips? Is it so that they can follow each other in the pack?

Wow, love this!

Still catching up on the stories I missed. Guy what a great experience to have 21 lions stroll right by. I remember our 1st visit to Londolozi moons ago when Dave Varty pointed out the height of a shrub that a huge male lion was passing and then, as we came alongside that shrub we realized that his was the same height as the landi .. awe inspiring 😳

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