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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #447

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Hello, very interesting pictures of the two jackal species… always something pretty unusual to see. It makes wonder the way nature works and seals creatures fate. Beautiful pictures of the lion dynasties and intriguing dynamic between prides. At Londolozi there’s lot od drama but they live their life fully, opposite to lion farms in other parts of the country. Last but not least the lovely Mashaba leopard cub and cheetah babies! Thank you.

What an amazing week! Those are all stunning, the Lion shots are my favourites, and the crocodile drone shot is very cool too !

Stunning pics this week. Love all the lions and the monochrome elephant.

Hi James,
Always jealous of your work

I ma a lover of wildlife and cannot help but wish i were you…

Another great TWIP. Thanks.

Hope to get intermittent up dates on the Mashaba cub.
Good job with the Lightroom preset. Some are fun.

Glorious! These posts are a wonderful respite from the shelter in place we are all experiencing here in California. Hopefully in the not too distant future I will be able to experience Londolozi in person. I feel through these posts that we have all become friends and I thank and appreciate you. Best! Linda

You’ve some stunning photographs this week, truly lion focused. I especially like the young Styx male in shadows and would be appreciative if you shared what preset you used. I use Lightroom but haven’t used any of the presets- I like this effect.

James, I loved all the photos, especially the cheetahs🤗

Tremendous gallery this week! Most poignant for me is the aerial view of the crocodiles, as I just read the passage in Boyd’s first book where he dangled his legs over the Sand River and gets chomped by a croc!!! Luckily he got out of that one, albeit with a serious bite!!

Senior Digital Ranger

Wonderful photos. Thank you for the journey.

Brilliant photos James, when I was last in the Lowveld, black backed jackal were quite common, I had no idea how their numbers had dropped and were struggling to make a comeback….but nice to know it is! The cheetah…no words..just magical. Thank you🙏🏻💕

Beautiful photos! Do you know if the Black Backed & Side-striped Jackals ever breed with one another?

Great week! Loved the photo of the Ntsevu pride members on the termite mound with that beautiful golden bokeh behind them.

Another week of excellent images. The one of the two alligators half submerged in a dwindling stream was unique. So proud of Mashaba producing another cub. Wishing the little one the best of luck!

Hi James! One of the young males with the Styx Pride (the second young male photo in this week’s blog entry) is actually the young male from the Nkuhuma Male, who joined up with his half-brother or cousin (both of them were fathered by a Birmingham Male back in 2016; the Nkuhuma Male was born in late May-early June 2016, the young Styx Male born in September-October 2016).

Also will be interesting to see how the Ntsevu situation plays out. With so many sub-adults, including several young females, I’m thinking there has to be something that gives, don’t you think?

Hi Michael,
Ah, thanks for that info, that’s fascinating. We’ve seen a young male around the reserve by himself a couple of times over the last month or two; we’ll reference the pics and compare (although the solo male seemed a bit fuller-maned).
Agreed on the Ntsevu pride. I think they’ll have to splinter at some point, but not sure how they’ll do it. We think they’re expecting cubs, which may accelerate things.

Great shot of the lions and stars Pete.

Thank you James for sharing each week…cannot wait for our trip.

The lions feeding under the Stars was my favorite this week. Great photo

Senior Digital Ranger

Great photos as ever, James!

Do you have any idea why the black-backed jackals disappeared? I have noticed a shocking change. We spent two weeks in the Kruger 2 years ago and didn’t see a single one; on a trip over Christmas, we may have seen a jackal once. In the 1980s, I remember seeing them every day.

And the side-striped used to be extremely rare, strange their numbers should improve in whatever conditions reduced the black-backed numbers.

Some beautiful pics here James. Thanks for sharing with us. Hope you all stay well and safe.

Great collection of photos – absolutely love the male lion” visiting” Londolozi!

Digital Ranger

Someone said Styx Pride male and Nkuhuma male are sired by the Birmnigham Boys, is that correct ?

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