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Pete was a Field Guide for Londolozi for 4 years, contributing to the blog as a fantastic writer as well as photographer. Right from his very first bush trip at the age of four, Pete was always enthralled by this environment. Having grown ...

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on Wild Dogs vs Hyena vs Leopard

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Pete, loved the video🤗

Leopards will face more difficulties now with both hyenas and wild dogs around feasting – their great adaptability surely helps them none the less. I’m amazed at the grace and power of the Senegal Bush male!

Exactly Francesca – if leopard did not have the ability to climb, they would definitely not be able to compete with the other large carnivores out here…

Amazing sighting. Great video.

Crazy descent by the leopard!

Very cool, carnivores interacting is always an exciting scene!

Senior Digital Ranger

Peter, that was such an exciting piece – and what a scenario. I was there with you and feeling the tension. Thank you for the story and the photos. Quite made my afternoon as I trudged the boring streets of my part of Surrey to try and do the daily 10,000 steps!

Hi Linda,

I’m glad we could lighten up your daily walk. A little secret from the bush is that bouncing around in the Land Rover can up your step count… Hopefully we will see you out here again soon!

Great Post Pete. Right in the action

What an exciting afternoon and evening. Poor leopard! He did all the work and lost his dinner. Great photos of the dogs and the leopard on that tree.

Thrilling action! So, these are members of yet another wild dog pack? And that poor treed leopard – it’s no wonder he waited til after dark to execute that less-than-graceful descent!

Hi Mary Beth,

Yes there has been a pack of five dogs that we have been seeing from time to time. We aren’t too sure of their history but it’s been fantastic having so much wild dog activity at the moment.

Thanks for sharing Pete, I could hear all of the different animal voices in my head as I wished I were there for the same experience, jealous!

A nice blog Pete. You all had an exciting drive for sure. It is really amazing to witness the pecking order of a kill. There is literally nothing left after they have all taken their share. Thanks for sharing with us. Be well and stay safe all of you.

That was quite a sighting, including the video. I felt sorry for the Senegal male, losing his meal to the dogs and then being chased up a less than desirable tree. His descent certainly wasn’t textbook perfect. Never a dull moment in the bush!!

Wow absolutely amazing sightings nature is just awesome.

What a crazy convergence and fortunate coincidence for you Pete! Great shots and footage. Thanks so much!

Thanks for a great update! What a tense sighting with 4 different animals all looking for the same thing! You are probably right about the scenario…

Senior Digital Ranger

Nature many a time presents scenarios which display the individual or cohesive advantages that are brought about when foes clash driven by the urge to satisfy their dietary requirements

Senior Digital Ranger

Senegal male was intelligent enough to realise that he had no chance against his nemesis.As such taking a high ranking front row seat to be a state witness as hyena & wild dog duelled to claim ownership of the carcass.

Senior Digital Ranger

on paper spotted hyena are rated as the most intelligent apex predators but the wild dog rank as africas number 1 succesful hitmen of the wilderness.

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