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on Wild Dog Den Update

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Such a relief to get an update and read that all 10 pups are alive and well.

Senior Digital Ranger

I am so Happy that these pups are still around with danger all around. They are the cutest little ones and there so playful and starting to be daring by coming out more. All we can do now is to hope and pray they live good lives to see them grow up and start families over there own.. God Bless and cant wait to watch them grow and to see what happens in there next chapters in there lives…

Master Tracker

Their parents will be working overtime with 10 pups and no clan members other than parents to hunt.

Fingers crossed

Everything crossed


It’s been such a treat watching them grow… I hope there’s much more to come !

Thank you! Ten out of ten for the update. It’s good to get a bit of good news!

Really looking forward to seeing what comes next for this pack!!

Happy news! 👏👏👏😀😀😀! Loving the updates !

so special!! Take care little ones…..from all of us @ Zwartkop Animal clinic, Centurion.

Would be an incredible story for a pack of two dogs to successfully raise 10 pups!!

Thanks for the update and will stay tuned for further accounts of this amazing pack! Rooting for them!!

Senior Digital Ranger

Ten out of ten has a beautiful ring to it. Such truth in the fact that to grow and expand you must venture out and take risks, not to do so leaves you stuck in a small space, limited. So happy luck has been with them so far. I hope we get the joy in watching all ten grow into a mighty pack.

Pups are a bit larger than ones we had seen previously in Botswana although they appear to be as playful. We were very impressed by the feeling of “family” as we watched the interaction in the den. (A calm picture at odds with the vicious capacity of the adults)
It’s also amazing how, in just a few weeks, their ears have progressed from the floppy stage to one more closely in line with how we see the ears of adults.

Good to know the pups are still thriving.

Senior Digital Ranger

OOOHHHWWW! Da Babies! They definitely have added a smile to the day!
It also goes without saying that their Mama is one hec of a survivor, which is noticeable by the
looks of her ear ad body condition.

So exciting! All we can do is hope that these 10 pups survive. The parents are doing what they have to do. We are so loving the photos!

Senior Digital Ranger

Best news ever! And the photos you are sharing are priceless! I know we are hoping for 10 out of 10 for a very long time… plus 2 and 3 ears♥️

Hi James. Those pups are looking splendid! They are obviously very healthy and active. The den they have seems to be very safe too. Their parents are doing a very good job indeed! We pray hope that they grow up to be a reasonably big and strong pack! Thank you for the update and the pics! Wendy M

James, I appreciate the update on this remarkable wild dog family. The pups will have their challenges, but hopefully they will be taught by their parents the necessary survival skills. I now feel I have a vested interest in these precious pups.

Senior Digital Ranger

Relief all round and wonderful photos. Thank you.

I love being able to watch these pups! Thank you for the updates

Digital Ranger

It is good to know that almost three and a half weeks later all ten pups are still alive and kicking. Now that they are exploring their surroundings a little bit more without the need to rush back into their dens will now expose them to predator’s when the adults are away! Let us see how long they can hold on before and hope a tragedy will not strike them soon!

this is a wonderfully bright note in my day and I am sure in everyone else’s. will continue to keep our fingers and if necessary our toes crossed for these wonderful animals! Thankyou Victoria

Thank you for the wonderful update, I am constantly waiting with abaited breath, as to how these pups are doing.
It is so exciting to get all your updates, we sit on the edge of seats waiting for the next headline!

Wow..what a relief to know we still have all the pups ! Bravo to an incredible pair, what a feat for Mum and Dad to raise 10 on their own…almost as if they too are fighting through a covid of sorts, being so endangered…..
Holding thumbs that now, through the most difficult period of their growth, where mum and dad will have more solids required to sustain them all and the predators will have more access to the puppies straying from the den that they all manage to make it to running as a pack 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💕💕💕. Thank you James for keeping us in the loop !

Digital Ranger

Such great news, and of course thanks James for the update, all 10 cubs are well, was crying a lot when I saw the week video 11, and how’s the Mama, she was wounded by the Hyenas ?

Fingers crossed that the hyenas choose somewhere else to wait in ambush and the eagles stick to bush hares and the lion’s appetites are for larger game!

A feel good story. One that we need so much in this time. This pups make my heart happy. I can’t wait to watch them grow.

What prey snimals do the dogs search for when only one or both of them hunt?

I hope all 10 will live adult life

Thank you James – so good to get this update after the lion scare! It is hard to feel protective from so far away- but we do!

James, Thanks for the update on those cute little pups! We know they may not be so cute when they are full grown!

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