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Dean was a guide at Londolozi from 2018 to 2022. He grew up in Johannesburg and it was from his very first trip to the bush at the age of two that he was captivated by this environment (he claims he can remember ...

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on One Image and its Many Tales

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Dean, I love the picture of the Tail of the Leopard🤗

Great read and the picture is pretty cool too. Thinking now, thank you Londolozi. 👍

Senior Digital Ranger

Love that photo. When I stare at it I become peaceful. I think because the leopard must have been at peace as well.

Oh Dean this is such a beautiful and insightful blog. It is so true. Just be your own unique self. Just live in this moment, this day. We never know what life bring tomorrow and in these difficult and uncertain times. We’ve just got to stay positive and know that all will be right again. My wish is that life will slowdowm and we will all live simpler lives. Stay safe.

Senior Digital Ranger

Lovely reflections on life thru all that the leopard tail/tale might imagine!!!

What a fascinating blog! And so glad to see you back Dean!!

Beautifully written, with lots of food for thought during the day. I see something beautiful right now!

Balance… is ….as the eye of the heart beholds it to be …. in any situation, moment in time, photo or desire….true balance comes from the heart’s perception ( and therefore reality for that one person) place and time. A wounded heart’s
perception of balance is quite different than the never wounded heart.
Janice Meyer, MDiv
Chaplain and Author

Wonderful photo–even better literary imagery!

Dean, that is a great blog! Awesome photograph and sharp words …

Senior Digital Ranger

Dean, your blog for today is SO AWESOME! It is so heart felt. It has brought tears to my eyes. – Thank you!

Beautifully expressed and so true. Your tail/branch image conjures up so many thoughts and feelings, and balance is certainly one of them. Keep up your writing…..

Amazing photo!! It is complete in perfection!

We loved the composition and the picture before we read your article …excellent job!


Dean, This time you made us really look inside our selves as we examined the deails in your awesome image! The concepts you challenged us with are real. We just wish there was the time to appreciate it in the ways your image suggests. Thank you for weaving such a thoughtful blog!

what a brilliant interpretation of your beautiful photograph…could’nt be better put !!! Well done in both your words and the photo shot 👌🏻🙏🏻💕💕

A really great conceptual image!!

Beautiful reflection Dean. I particularly appreciate how you distinguished “balance” in this image as understood, and maybe only understood, in this present moment. When else could “balance,” or any other experience for that matter, be understood other than in this present moment. That you captured it is great good fortune for you and for us!

Senior Digital Ranger

I really love the photograph, this is one of those ‘less is more’ moments and the blog was pretty special too. Thank you 🙂

Dean – A beautifully written piece chalk full of inspiring take aways. Thanks!

Beautiful message – thanks

Digital Ranger

LOVE the simplicity of this photograph…

Exquisite well balanced tail, tree and tale. Thank you.

Digital Ranger

I love this picture Dean, and even more how you refer to the tree as being selfless and that we can all be a tree.

I just wish that humanity can be that simple, but as soon as we think we have finally balanced that tail.. It inches away from peace and slips away from the perfect balance.. This photo relates to the current pandemic.. With one lost in one’s own thought it might seem impossible to imagine that there is a balance.. Covid 19 managed to put so much doubt in our mind and made the image of a perfectly balanced tail slowly fade away! But maybe that’s the beauty in all of it… There will always be that perfect balance… And once we’ve found it.. A big story awaits…..

Perfect pic 👌

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