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Bruce worked at Londolozi from 2017 to 2020. He always had a passion for the bush and the outdoors, having been camping and fishing since he was a young boy. He attended school in the Natal midlands after which he moved down to ...

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on Facing the Stars

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Bruce this is a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it.

Thank you Marinda!

we have had two wonderful lessons on the stars from Algiers and his laser. they were both fascinating and were conducted after dinner in the bush- adding to the magic of the moment. the southern stars of and constellations there are so different and so much clearer as there are no city lights to dim their beauty. Hope you are all safe! Victoria

Awesome, I agree! Thanks Victoria I hope you’re safe too.


Bruce, what wonderful blog, I saved the photo of the tree, I also saved the saved the fire Alex Jordan

Mesmerizing and transcendent. Gratitude.

Paul thank you very much!

The Bushmens’ stories are a wonderful peek into our collective human history as we took our first steps in trying to understand our world and what lies beyond it. These stories should be recorded and preserved before they disappear forever.

I so agree, thanks Doug!

In the digital age it’s nice to think of a time when everyones eyes weren’t focused on their phones or tv’s, but on the faces around them and their minds were filled with the wonderment of nature. I hope we can all gain back some of that connection.

Thanks Bruce. I have never been in a desert, but I have read about the stars in a desert night. However, I have grown up from age 4 going for holidays and weekends into the Bush on my aunt’s farm – which is now part of Mabula Game Reserve. Those stars in a Bush night sky are unbelievable – and more than ever I wonder at and believe in our great Creator who made everything we see – from the tremendous Heavens – to the smallest molecule on Earth – and who knows each one of us – even if some of us don’t recognize who He is – and so ignore Him. He is the Lord of Heaven and Earth. We can only be stunned by His Creation. Thank you for your incredible photos of the Heavens, Bruce. We need to be reminded of the Person who created them. Thank you, Londolozi Family who take us into a familiar and fascinating world of the Bush and its inhabitants. Stunning! Wendy M

Thank you Wendy!

Thank you Bruce for the reminder that storytelling was the first means of learning and understanding the earth: the skies, the creatures, water….sometimes it’s nice to take a step away from the science and look back to the teaching and words of the elders, those wise folk from eras of no recorded words to pass along- only through their spoken language.
Hopefully those of you left at Londolozi have a way to light a fire and share your own stories.

Well said, I strongly agree, thank you very much Denise!

Beautiful. Thought-provoking.

Senior Digital Ranger

Great blog and beautiful photos to accompany it. Thank you Bruce

Loved reading this. Mahalo.

Beautiful story! Do the Nyae Nyae Tribe come from the Central Kalahari region?

Bruce, what a great story! We really liked the storyteller’s comment about the moon “when there is a shadow over the Moon, this is the work of the lion who puts his paw over the Moon to darken the night for better hunting.” t does help the lions for sure!

Beautiful story, my dream is one day to be able to stay like this on a safari in Africa.

Hello Bruce, Beautifully written! What can be more beautiful than hearing someone telling a good story in an interesting, exciting and captivating way!
And if you then are sittning under the sky by a fire… that must have been magical! The sky is so impressive! And beautiful! Very intresting subject you have written about! Thank you for sharing!

What a wonderful story Bruce. Thanks so much for sharing 🙏❤️.
I just love African folk law tales. I recall reading ‘Indaba, My Children ‘ when I was a kid..perhaps you have to? Magical

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