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on Against All Odds – Single Wild Dog Finds A Partner

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i love watching the wild dogs, they sometimes like children playing together and the next minute they are off running, tails in the air and Talking to each other after dinner. I hope this pair succeeds, it would be so sad if they disappear from our world. Victoria

Wild dogs are my favourite predator. It is such a privelege to view this endangered species. It is fantastic news that they might den at Londolozi.

So very happy to hear of this pack of two and their recent successes. Wishing them well and looking forward to future updates. Thank you again for a very interesting and informative blog. Stay safe and be well.

How exciting! I cannot wait to see those puppies!

Digital Ranger

Absolutely LOVE this love story! I hope ot continues successfully! In awe and amazement. Dj

Senior Digital Ranger

This is such an endearing story. I love wild dogs and their tremendous bond in their packs and how they care for the old and informed unlike other pack animals. This was the reason I was confused about a lone wild dog, so thank you for explaining this! I look forward to more tales of this pair!

Since there are only two of them, when the pups are born will the mother stay with them in the den and rely on the male to bring back food, or will she leave them to go hunting and return to them each day like a leopard?

Hi Chelsea,

Normally the mother in a pack would stay behind for the first few weeks to nurse the pups, while the rest go out and hunt. The others would then return to the den and regurgitate food for the mother (and the pups when they are old enough to eat meat). In this case, it is likely that the single female will remain at the den as normal while the male hunts alone. When the pups are about three weeks to a month old, there is a chance the female will also go out hunting with the male, but really time will tell!

Pete, I have never seen wild dog at Londolozi?
But I saw them in Tanzania

Hi Joan,

They have massive home ranges so they are quite rare to see.


Hope we can follow the progress!

Great story, Pete! I wish them luck and lots of puppies! Keep us posted!

Very exciting news Pete! It also reminds me of the lone female ostrich who eventually found a mate. It would be interesting to learn if she can at least partially hear out of her former ear. But it’s likely that scar tissue has closed off her canal but maybe not? Happy Easter with hope that you are savoring the calmness of the world.

Hi Peggy,

It’s likely that due to the lack of an outer ear, she struggles to identify direction of sound. She is noticeably more nervous than other dogs! It’s hard to tell whether the scar tissue has closed off her hearing completely.


Ahhhh I love this – thank you for sharing, Pete

Senior Digital Ranger

Lovely to hear about the formation of the “Romeo and Juliet” pack … let’s hope they do have pups successfully!

That’s an uplifting story Pete. Love to hear of wild animals beating the odds. I really hope Mrs. Wild Dog decides to have her pups on Londolozi.

That is so awesome, I hope that they will be able to keep up with the two. Do you know if any other packs Are close by where they could possibly run into each other ? After she has puppies will become a difficult time for them when is comes to hunting I hope they will be successful

Hi Gina,

Just a few days ago a pack of 18 dogs came through Londolozi. They only hung around for one day and as far as we are aware, didn’t bump into the pair of dogs in question. The pack of 18 seems to spend most of their time west of us, so if the pair remains central on Londolozi they should avoid any conflict!

Fascinating story, Pete!!!! Please keep us posted!!!

I love wild dogs. Wild dogs and cheetahs have a special place in my heart. Hopefully, a new pack will raise from this pair!! Looking forward to learning about the number of pups.

Wild dogs were a definite favorite of mine. I have video of a pack feeding on an impala carcass. Very cool animals

So interesting to read about the wild dog couple! I wish them a lot of luck! Hope they make their den at Londolozi!! I look forward to read more about them!

I just love how their story is developing. Against all odds they met and now they are at the crossroads of beginning a new family/pack. Watching them is an adrenaline rush, sprinting after prey, catching it and then seeing them devour it in minutes. They’re not in the big five, but certainly deserve a place in the minor five!!

Hi Denise,

You’re right – they’re not in the big five. Some people refer to a super seven checklist when including cheetah and wild dog into the numbers. I think they should be at the top of everyone’s list!

Digital Ranger

Such lovely story , and stay safe !

Wild Dog always gets my adrenaline moving and this story is one of hope – a new pack would be a great gift and fantastic for the survival of the species

Super, Pete! How very, very interesting. I do hope these two overcome all the odds and produce a lovely litter of pups soon! Please keep us up-to-date with news regarding these two, will you? Thank you so much! Wendy M

Hi Wendy,

We will definitely e keeping everyone updated! It’s been a few days now with no sign of them, however we have had a lot of rain and tracking has been challenging… Unless they’ve settled at a den already? Time will tell!

Senior Digital Ranger

Great story thank you, it will be fantastic if they stick around in the property.

Wow! What an amazing and captivating story. Can’t to hear of their future progress towards starting a pack!

Senior Digital Ranger

I love wild dogs and I hope this couple can start a family!

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