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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Video #3 (Virtual Game Drive)

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Fascinating to watch! What a great job on the video!

Hello! I loved the week in Video! Just amazing! Thank you all who was involved creating it! I’am longing back that’s for sure!

Amazing highlights of the week. Just love it. The week in video can surely become a tradition like the week in pictures. Epic footage of the Ntsevu pride walking down the road.

Do you have drone, I liked the picture of pride of lions from up above?

I’ve watched this video three times now, as it makes me feel like I’m there on the drives that I missed at the end of March. No matter, I’ll be returning when this nightmare is over…. your footage and commentary is fantastic so thank you James!!

Thank you for the virtual game drive, I now live in the UK but spent most of my life in Zimbabwe where I was sble to visit Gonerezou, Mana Pools and often went to Hwange and the Falls. I do so miss the warmth of the African sun and the people and especially the wonderful wildlife. Receiving your daily blogs keeps me grounded in Africa. Thank you and God Bless Dorothy

Master Tracker

Please keep them coming.

So important to see a world that isn’t locked down or constrained

Digital Ranger

James, This is your best blog yet! Bravo! Please keep these vlogs coming. By chance did the lion cubs that you mentioned in a previous blog end up eating on the buffalo? Are the frogs a sign that rains will be coming or have come? That was so cool. Thank you for this, it was a wonderful distraction. Until next time. Stay Healthy and Safe. #weareinthistogether #safeathome

Hi Gemma, yes the cubs are all safe and all ate off the wildebeest!
The frogs can be before and after rain, and we’ve had a bit of drizzle this last week…

It’s been just above a year since I was in Londolozi, and this virtual series of game drives was a fantastic surprise. Thank you so much, and I hope we’ll see more of the same in future.

This was a fantastic blog today! Thank you for our mini safari while we continue to keep our self-quarantining here at home. You made our day!!!


Absolutely love the videos, the only thing missing is the smell! I have a question, are the aerial shots from a drone and who is charge of controlling the drone?

Hi David,
Yes it’s from a drone and I was flying it…

Wow – the aerial views gave a fabulous perspective. The entire video was terrific
Thank you!!

That is really amazing and spectacular. And nice use of the drone footage. I learn so much from this blog and what a pleasant break from the dreadful news we hear every day.
Thank you!

I loved the use of the drones. Very cool to see the pride of lions from above, especially the black tips of their tails.

that was my favourite bit too!

Amazing! Thank you so much!

Thank you for taking me on drive until I can return from the US, James. Beautiful footage.

You’re welcome!

I really like this new format, a superb combination of modern technology and ancient wisdom. And compared to the “week in pictures” it reminds me of the old saying, “the pot of gold is not at the end of the rainbow. It is along the way.” Many thanks!

Couldn’t agree more…

Wonderful again James, thank you so much – 15 minutes of pure escapism!Keep them coming!

Drone views are amazing. Really wonderful. And the audio of the lions feeding is a big treat to hear! Thanks James!

You’re welcome!

Another stellar job by the Londolozi crew! Best yet James. Drone footage was spectacular.
Opens up the world and gives us life amid our Stay at Home crisis. Please keep doing this!
Thank you to all!!!!!

Thanks Patricia.
More on the way!

WOW! That was amazing. The drone shots are fabulous. Makes me wish I was there.

That was fabulous thank you.

that was great to watch. I can only say well done to all involved. the entire pride eating and growling they sound like the taxi cabs in the garage in the morning warming up their engines!! I hope you all know how much you brighten our lives while we are so limited in our movements. take care and stay safe. loved the leopard and the frogs!!! Victoria

What a wonderful video! Thanks to all who contributed. It really helps me feel like I’m there, instead of home in California under house arrest.

What a great video to watch … keep up the great work

Amazing video. Almost makes us feel as if we were actually there. This does much to sustain us while locked down in London, and revives great memories of our recent visits to Londolozi. Keep up the great work!

Superb video! thanks for bringing us the joys of Londolozi via such a fantastic video! Makes a huge difference! Keep up the good work in the field spotting and tracking and recording !

Digital Ranger

Great job, and stay healthy everyone!

Senior Digital Ranger

Fantastic footage from the week. Thanks for the great video. Living vicariously through you guys right now, really makes me want to be up in the bush again.

Incredible!! I love these videos!

If you only knew how much I appreciate being able to see this! I will never be able to go to Africa so this is as close as I will get. Thank you. From Oregon USA.

Fantastic lion footage!!!!!

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