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Being surrounded by wilderness from a young age, you experience it in all of its essence. Matt was privileged enough to grow up in the Lowveld and its surroundings, sparking a great love for nature and all it has to offer, be it ...

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on The Week in Pictures #433

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Stunning pics Matt. Fantastic shot of the Plaque Rock female.

Absolutely stunning photographs. would have loved to be present while they were being taken. can only dream 🙂

Senior Digital Ranger

Fantastic photos, thank you! Wildlife photography is a passion of mine, unfortunately living in Joburg doesn’t afford me enough opportunities to hone my skills 🙂

Fantastic timed image of the Plaque Rock female descending the Marula tree!

Matt, thank you for a wonderful, lovely start to
my day. here they are telling us over 100,000 deaths, so your photos were a cheering up moment. I always love the beautiful birds of South Africa and I loved seeing the swallows starting to get to our side of the world. when we lived in France we looked forward to the arrival of the swallows. I think the Kudus are so magnificent , always looking regal with their gorgeous horns. All of you at Londolozi take care and stay safe. We are going to come see you when it hopefully is over. Victoria

I’m so glad you are still publishing the daily blogs during this time of isolation. I read them every morning during breakfast and would miss this routine terribly. I hope the whole Londolozi family is safe and well. Beautiful images.

So grateful for all these beautiful photographs – dreaming of the day that I will once again be back in the bush

Matt, you’ve outdone yourself this week with some spectacular images. I really enjoyed your detail shots in addition to the descending leopard and bee eater.
I’m curious about your camera selections- do you have the option to try out what you have in your rental stock. How did you like the Z6?

Amazing and beautiful images!

Matt, really enjoyed your photos this week. Loved the Zebra foal and the Malachite Kingfisher

Lovely photos Matt, you couldn’t be in a better place right now!

Great photos. Thank you. I always look forward to TWIP.

Master Tracker

There are some real crackers , my absolute favourite (though not for the Nyala lamb) is the Flat Rock male.
The eyes , the eyes and the eyes – it’s all about the eyes.

Matt what an exceptional series of images you chose for this week! The elephant’s trunk is so visually interesting and well framed. The extreme, straight downward drop from a tree by a leopard shows their amazing dexterity, loving greetings and so much more. I throughly enjoyed each one and appreciate your efforts. My thanks, Matt!

@Joanne Wadsworth Kelley, so glad you enjoyed them! The Elephant Trunk is my favorite too!

Hello Matt, Beautiful pictures! I especially liked photo 9/16 the young kudu bulls! Very beautiful like from a fairy-tale… Thank you for the week in pictures!

Don’t you just love the new z6?

It’s fantastic!

@Vahan Moosekian, its great, the new firmware update on the tracking focus is good, however i shoot Canon myself!

Beautiful shots! I especially loved the Plaque Rock male’s descent from the tree. Thanks, Matt.

Matt wonderful blog today, I saved a lot of the photos in my library, especially the one with the elephant and the leopard falling from the tree!

@Joan Schmiidt, thank you Joan, had lots on fun capturing these images! Happy to hear you have some favorites!

Senior Digital Ranger

What an amazing and vivid compilation of pictures Matt!~ The female leopard going down the tree is spectacular! Likewise, the up-close capture of the male lion’s eyes in the night, show’s so much expression. And of course the elephant calf, which reminds me of Dumbo, is just adorable. Honestly, all the pictures are “rich” in color and integrity.

@Jen Lum, thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the images! looking forward to the next one.

Senior Digital Ranger

Some great photos Matt! Loved the Malachite Kingfisher (Juvenile) a rarity, the beautiful movement of the Nkuwa female’s swishing tail, amazing eyes and the controlled strength and speed of the Plaque Rock female descending the Amarula Tree – almost has to be seen to be believed! Captured perfectly. Thank you for sharing and bringing back the memories.

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