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Inyathini 3:3 Male

Inyathini 3:3 Male

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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Spotted this leopard?
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James started his guiding career at the world-renowned Phinda Game Reserve, spending four years learning about and showing guests the wonder of the incredibly rich biodiversity that the Maputaland area of South Africa has to offer. Having always wanted to guide in the ...

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on Has the Senegal Bush Male pushed out the Inyathini Male?

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James, how many male leopards are territorial at Londolozi currently?

Hi Marinda, there are about 10 dominant males that we currently see. The sizes of their territories varies quite a bit and there is a little bit of overlap between some of them.

Very interesting reading and I too will always respect the skill, strength, speed and cunning of an older leopard, in this case the Inyathini male. Experience is a great teacher and although he may be relinquishing territory to a degree, he will still be a fast, strong and powerful force to be reckoned with.

Hi Annie, you are 100% right! He still has some fight left in him

Wow absolutely amazing and awesome blog thanks for sharing hopefully they’ll stay away and not fight but only time will tell. Please keep us posted. And please continue these amazing blogs absolutely love them. Great job everyone that’s involved.

Hi Brian, we definitely will. Glad to hear you are enjoying them!

James, what a wonderful blog – I wonder what will happen to the Inyathini Male Leopard?
I have seen this Leopard while we were at Londolozi in 2017, and 2018

Hi Joan, I suppose time will tell but we will keep you updated.

Well James, it seems the leopard population is in a state of flux for both the males and females. Senegal, Flat Rock both increasing their territories and seen mating regularly with the Mashaba female and then the Nhlanguleni female has cubs and has been keeping on eye on her independent daughters……possibly pushing them further away. We all enjoy the reporting as it feels like we’re keeping up with our other families!! Thank you!!

Hi Denise, it certainly does keep us constantly enthralled following the lives of these leopards.

The Senegal Bush male is impressive looking! He reminds me of the Anderson male with his pale coloring and striking dark “eyeliner.” Is he related to Anderson?

Hi Mary, as far as I know they are not directly related but they were both born in this area so it is quite possible that there is a distant link.

Wonder when that last photo was taken? The Inyathini male looks very well fed-quite husky!

Hi Vin, I will double check with Bruce who took the photo but my guess would be about a year ago. He does look rather big in that photo!

James it so good anticipating each days blog and being rewarded with another great update on the inhabitants we have all come to know though yourself and the other guides. We are all family. Thank you

So true! Glad you are enjoying them and please let us know if there’s anything in particular you would like to hear about.

From my Day 3 Journal:
The leopard tells me to move with deep purpose and clarity, and only with deep purpose and clarity.

Thanks for sharing Paul!

Senior Digital Ranger

Hi James , long time no see !
I hope you are all well , love to Cath
warm regards
Guido, Dina

Hi Guido and Dina, we are both well and I hope the same can be said for you. Hopefully see you soon!

Senior Digital Ranger

I miss the bush !

Thanks so much for this James. I’m so glad that the Londolozi Blog continues to post. It is a fabulous escape from the current sanity.

It’s such a pleasure Jayne. Glad you are enjoying it.

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