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on How Do Elephants Respond To Leopards And Lions

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Awesome video! Which pride was it? It will be fantastic if they can deter elephants elephants from raiding crops. Hunting permits has been given out now in Botswana that has got the biggest elephant population. One if the reasons is the human elephant conflict. If it can be solved in any other way then that will be the answer.

Master Tracker

Seen elephants behaving very aggressively towards a leopard , so they do take predators seriously .

Pete, great blog today, I watched the video – amazing how the elephants can chase away lions🤗

What a powerful video!! From the male lion aggressively claiming the kill first to the charging elephants chasing the lions! It must have been breathtaking to be in the Land Rover and THAT close to a large herd of elephants. Guests will never forget those moments!

Fascinating concept as respects the potential of reducing elephant-human conflict. Hope some are working in this! Great video!!

WOW – that was fantastic!!! Thank you 🙂

That was a fantastic video. Those elephants really knew how to “clear the room”. I haven’t noticed the more aggressive behavior between ellies and predators in SabiSand as much as in Chobe. While there I saw the residue from a five lion attack on a 10 year old elephant-…… thanks for your blog.

Incredibly interesting video, Peter.

Senior Digital Ranger

WOW! What an amazing presentation today! To see the elephant in motion amidst it’s furry! .. and it’s trumpet like roar! .. That left me stunned! .. And to think how close those pack of elephants got up to the Landrover! That’s some bravery! That’s just serreal!

Really interesting, Pete, and love the video.

Great article! Have watched this behavior many times on safariLive. Also how the ellies go after the wild dogs. They don’t want any part of them either!

Terrific video! I love the one lion that went back to retrieve the meal and then ran at full tilt to get outta Dodge!

Not only remarkable to witness the behaviour of the elephants chasing off the lions but also a great example of taking your time at a sighting. Staying and allowing this to develop also gave the quests great interaction between the lions, between the elephants as well as between them both.

Have witnessed this in Kruger – and this herd of elephants would not let the lions settle – chased the lions three times! Great video

Would love to watch an interaction between lions and elephants someday!!

I would imagine elephants would be more aggressive towards lions in areas where regular predation of calves occurs?

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