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on What is Happening With the Tsalala Lioness?

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Oh no. This is not good news. I do hope her and the cub is okay.

James, I hope Tsalala lioness, she makes it on the next journey🤗. She is so loved by all!

It is sad to hear this, nature can be very harsh at times. Keeping fingers crossed that her cub is alive and well…… Thank you for keeping us updated.

Hoping for the best but fearing the worst. I know you will keep us posted if she and her cub are sighted. Will revert to the old fashioned, “keeping my fingers crossed”. From all I have read she had been an amazing Leopard against so many odds.

Oh noooo. Such worrisome news. Please keep us updated James. Thanks.

Digital Ranger

Finger crossed for Tsalala Lioness and her cub……

This story has truly sadden me, I really pray that she and her cub are just fine.

Hopefully she once again will rally, demonstrating her tenacity and strength; her cub, perhaps not so fortunate due to lack of experience. But then, ever the optimist, she and her cub could surprise us all. In a Serengeti savanna episode, a female lion given up for dead, reappeared weeks later, scarred but healthy. I look forward to further sightings and hopefully good news.

I must I have been a regular visitor and reader to your blog, however, I have been visiting the blog many times a day just to have updates on this extra ordinary lioness. It has been remarkable that she has raised her cub uptil now and I am hopeful that the cub will be fine. Plz do post regular updates on her. Or how abt starting a regular thread to post regular updates on each pride in the Londolozi area.

Best wishes

Please keep us updated, James. I am hoping for a miracle for her and all of us

Senior Digital Ranger

Oh goodness! This is heart wrenching! I can only hope the Mama Tsalala is just laying low,..?? I gather she’s been through a lot, but she so far has been a touch cookie. I realize that lions don’t exactly live “Happily ever after,” in the bush, but Mama Tsalala has lived a legacy for us all to remember about her and her cub. I am going to hold onto hope that you folks will see her again, rested and recovered, trooping the bush in the sunlight that emanates her golden feline energy and strength.

Have all my fingers and toes crossed for a happy outcome. Victoria

After reading just a bit of your post my thought was that she was in a altercation with another lion protecting her cub. Later I read that she’s pretty injured. I have a sinking feeling about her cub. I hope I’m completely wrong. That she’s been able to freely roam and later with her cub uninjured has been remarkable….but can’t go on indefinitely. I’m worried.

This totally saddens me. I hope it is not true. The only thing that could possibly make it ok is if she were to be accepted into a pride but I doubt if that is likely.

Everything was going so well for her and her daughter. The fact she managed to even get her to a year old was remarkable. Such a shame. Please keep us updated James and thanks for this piece. Sad to think the Tsalala Pride itself might no longer be roaming any stretch of Londolozi

Senior Digital Ranger

This is sad. I hope that the Tsalala lioness is doing well and that her daughter is still alive.

So glad to hear that she was spotted with her cub 😀

La reina Tsalala y princesa están en perfecto estado gracias a dios, que grandes genes hay ahí, ella tiene que seguir con vida, es demasiado valiosa 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Any updates on her? Thanks.

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