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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Patience of a Leopard

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Lovely story James. From one leopard to another, is the Makomsava female still around? I did not see mention of her on the blog for awhile.

Love the photos and the description of your day. You gave it your best effort, but she was not willing to share yet. Soon, she will! Thanks for sharing!

James, Great story – after waiting 14 hours to see den – never saw it😩!

Will still be able to come in September


what a fascinating day. seriously, you gave it your all, but altho you did not find the cubs I am sure it was all worth it! Victoria

Senior Digital Ranger

Fun stuff James…and the shot of her in between the tree limbs is outstanding. Jim

Watched Hukumuri stakeout a warthog den for 24+. They are very patient.

Hello James! What a good story! You write so well. She seems to be a very smart one… But as you say the day became a very good day because you had her fantastic company even if you didn’t see her cubs. I love your humour and photo 3/5 when she is lying down after a BIG meal! It’s a good photo!! Yes I can understand her! Once when I was at a skiiholiday I felt like her after a very big and long dinner… Thank you for sharing the story and beautiful pictures!
I have a question, you wrote 22 october 2018 in the blog that Londolozi had a visiting male lion that entered on a very high risk! Have he been seen ever since? Do you know what has happen to him? I think he is the most beautiful lion I have ever seen and a brave one… Looking forward to your answer!

Hi Ann,
Are you referring to the Ottawa male from the October 20th 2018 post?
He is alive and well and has managed to integrate himself with the Mhangeni Pride.
Recently he was seen mating with one of the Ntsevu females..

That was good news! I’am happy for him! Thank you
for your quick answer!

I remember when you first wrote about this, James. I know you thought she might have had a litter recently, any news? Rearing Tortoise Pan was a huge achievement, let’s hope she can bring a female cub to independence!


Great reminder of just how clever these felines are. I commend your dedication and patience to hopefully be led to the den site …., who finally discovered the cubs? Isn’t the Tortoise Pan male her surviving cub?

Thank you for these wonderful posts, I am sure many of us, during this global pandemic and economic disruption, angst and uncertainty, deeply appreciate the connection to Londolozi and the bush.

You, Amy and Innocence have the patience of Job and were fully committed! My thought is that her mother’s instinctive nature simply wouldn’t allow any intruder near her den, in spite of familiarity. Motherhood rules!

I do have a question: Has Londolozi temporarily closed due to the pandemic?

Hi Joanne,
We aren’t officially closed, merely reducing operations to reduce costs whilst we wait for a lifting of the travel ban and for international guests to be able to return. Most of our guests have simply postponed their visits to a later date… 🙂

Hi James, any update on her latest litter?

Hi Michael,
None so fr, but we’ll be heading into the area to check over the next couple of days…

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