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Dean grew up in Johannesburg and it was from his very first trip to the bush at the age of two that he was captivated by this environment (he claims he can remember that far back!). He attended school in Pretoria, thereafter completing ...

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on Wild Dogs vs Wildebeest: AMAZING Footage!

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Victoria Auchincloss
Digital Tracker

WOW, there is such a thrille to watch the wild dogs whether at play or on the hunt. We had the privilege of watching a pack of 21 last week when we were at Londolozi. Victoria

Joan Schmiidt
Digital Tracker

Dean what great videos, I watched them all!

Vin Beni
Guest contributor

Hauntingly familiar scene for us from a trip to Botswana in 2015. We observed a similar noisy standoff between wild dogs and a herd of wildebeest. Each group took turns charging the other. The dogs suddenly left the scene. Incredible!

Jim Davis

Great post; excellent video and description. I would have bet on the dogs, but sometimes the unexpected happens. Whew

Dina Petridis
Senior Digital Ranger

these little calfs must have gone crazy !

Rich Laburn
Head of Digital

Wow that’s seriously incredible and something I’ve never heard of. Absolutely amazing!

Mary Beth Wheeler
Guest contributor

Impressive videos! I’m amazed at the size of the pack and wonder why they didn’t attack the wildebeests en masse! It seems that that many could have overwhelmed them. Kudos to the zebras!

Doug Hammerich
Senior Digital Ranger

What an amazing and rare sight, especially for a one time visitor to Londolozi and South Africa from California. Hoping to return one day.

Johanna Browne

Great footage! It’s amazing how the babies maneuver themselves so well to not get run over or tripped up by the parents focused on protecting them. Love the story that the zebras came in to save the day! I adore wild dogs and in this case appreciate the happy ending very much!

sho! what a sighting!

WOW that is a first for me! Ellies yes but not Wildies! Thanks for posting!

Leonie De Young
Senior Digital Ranger

Nice blog Dean. You all had an adrenaline rush on that drive. How interesting that the zebra saved the day for the wildies. I love to watch the antics of the wild dogs – they really do work as a team. Thanks for sharing with us.


Great stuff as usual.

Cheung Yc

Painted Wolves ,I do prefer this, as I am always a wolf fan. They are just amazing

Denise Vouri
Guest contributor

Thanks so much for taking us along on this exciting experience you all witnessed. The videos really enhanced the moments you spent watching predators against prey. Relieved to learn the distraction of the zebras gave the wildebeest calves another day to live. Whew, now I can relax.

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