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Mashaba 3:3 Female

Mashaba 3:3 Female

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Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Spotted this leopard?
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Mrisho Lugenge

Alumni Ranger

Mrisho came to Londolozi from a solid guiding background in Tanzania, where he had been working at the famous Ruaha National Park. Mrisho is currently one of the guiding team's best birders, and his photography has improved exponentially since first picking up a ...

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on The Week in Pictures #421

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Who is the male leopard on the termite mound?

Digital Ranger

I believe he is called Mawelawela.

Great job, Mrisho! Loved the stork photo.

Mrisho, I especially liked the Giant King Fisher, and the Saddle Billed Stork, along with Ximungwe jumping along the branch, and Makomsava lying in the Marula tree.

Absolutely beautiful thanks for sharing

Great job Mrisho! You’re off to a fabulous start using an amazing camera, and fortunate to have lots of subject matter. Keep clicking…….!

When will the young females get their own names?

The Nhlanguleni females actually have got theirs already Lisa. I didn’t actually look carefully to see which one this was, but they are known as the Finfoot (a prominent river crossing where one is often seen) and the other is the Nkuwa female (Nkuwa is a Sycamore fig in Shangaan).
Best regards,

Thanks James! We saw both girls (and their mom and Flat Rock all together!) in August, while Byron was guiding us! Can you give me their spot patterns or any ID info?

Excellent photography! For only one year as a photographer, it is obvious, Mrisho, that you were meant to have that camera in your hands! Terrific TWIP!

Excellent TWIP, Mrisho! Looking forward to more!

The kingfisher photo should be in every book of African bird life. It’s totally perfect.

Congratulations Mr. Mrisho, what a delightful week in pictures. Love the mother and son sharing a branch and it was so great to see all those wild dogs frolicking in the water. Thank you, Victoria


Wow, terrific TWIP Mrisho, will look forward to seeing more from you. Is the male leopard on the mound Hosana? Another question, how many litters of 3 has Mashaba lost in the last 2-3 years? – must be at least 3 times she has lost all 3.

Senior Digital Ranger

Is that the Mawela-wela male in the photo above Makomsava? Gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing

Loved this Blog and loved our time with you Mrisho! Well done on these photos!

Exceptional and diverse images! Looking forward to seeing more of you captures in the future.

Stunning images…💕

A fantastic TWIP and the photography is exceptional Mrisho. You have mastered it to a “T”. thank you very much for sharing with us. Keep them coming, I really enjoyed viewing them.

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