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Born into a family passionate about wildlife Josh knew from a very young age that he wanted to work in the African bush. He was fortunate enough to spend his school holidays going on annual family trips to the same two destinations – ...

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on Nature’s Resourcefulness

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Josh, when my granddaughter was there in 2017, she said “I wish i was one of the birds, I’d be so happy”. She was 8 at the time, we were worried about all the gore – the vultures were plucking eye out. I guess she wasn’t bothered by the gore!

Hello Josh, Good written! We humans have a lot to learn from the nature. I think that more I learn about animals more impressed I become! We visit Londolozi 2017, the animals impressed me so much! I hope I can come back soon! Good luck with your new life as a ranger at Londolozi!

Josh, how true your final words were in this blog. It’s only man that continues to over consume and then waste……were it only that simple to follow nature’s lead in order to reduce landfill and clean up our oceans!!

Interesting anecdote, highlighting the circle of life in a snapshot.

Master Tracker

Ah the cycle of life , the eating of bones is why sometimes Hyena poo is white

I’m always humble how amazing nature is. It’s a concept and a force on the ability to comprehend. It seems as if everything and everyone was plan for every moment in time

A nice blog Josh and how fortunate you were to witness the circle of life. Animals are true recyclers and everything is consumed by something. Animals are far smarter than humans. Thanks for sharing with us, I enjoyed reading it.

Nature never wastes anything and yet somehow humans manage to waste so much!

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