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Dave's story is too full and rich to tell in a brief blog bio. Suffice it to say that it is due to his passion, hard work and lifelong dedication to conservation that Londolozi is what it is today. One of the co-founders ...

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on A Celebration of African Excellence

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Amazing inspirational video.

Congratulations Dave! You inspire us all with your brilliant leadership and passion!

My initial trip to Londolozi was amazing, emotional, educational and changed the way I thought about nature. Listening to Dave Varty speak touched my heart and soul. I thank him for his vision and the will to carry it through. We are all better for people like the Varty family. Congratulations and good health to all at Londolozi. You deserve the award. See you again soon

Senior Digital Ranger

Such a well deserved accolade and thank you for sharing the inspirational video with us all.

Congratulations, Dave and all the Londolozi team! So well deserved – Londolozi’s standard of excellence and commitment to a healthy and sustainable planet serve as a wonderful example not just to South Africa, but all of us around the world. Thank you!


What a wonderful affirmation of a life given to purpose. Congratulations to Dave, Shan and the Londolozi family!

Congratulations Dave and the entire Londolozi team who live and breathe your integrity and vision. Your video brings home the point that we can make and leave the wild a better place, all the while promoting sustainability and offering careers to members of the local villages. I was there for the first time just a year ago and was so moved by my experiences, I’ve booked again for March! Thank you for your vision and not compromising!!

Congratulations Dave, and to all the staff that make Londolozi’s success a reality!!!

Congratulations to Dave, his family, and the entire Londolozi team which made this recognition possible.
Dave’s leadership and vision have transformed so many individuals’ views of nature!

And many thanks go to the Varty family who started and continue the search for excellence and environmental consciousness. You are doing a great job.

Dave, congratulations🤗

Very Well done Dave!! You’re a beacon…

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