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on Giving Tuesday – A Global Generosity Movement

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I think it is a fantastic idea to give a gift to someone who are not as priviledged as you are. As you mention Amanda it is nice to get a gift for Christmas but there are people who need it more. It dies make you feel so good when the recepient come and thank you and you know they appeeciate it. It can be somethong small or just a friendly gesture or a smile or a compliment. Giving is always so much better than receiving. As I get older all the consumerism around the holidays and the hype that leads up to it, is getting a bit overwhelming.

Thank you so much Marinda – you are so right that it feels better to give than to receive sometimes!

Amanda, What a beautiful story! And thanks for the insight into Eric Ubisi’s special project too. We are sure that the goals you have set will be met and we will do our best to help and spread the word!

Thank you so much Michael and Terri. We are thrilled to hear that Safari Sarasota 2019 was such a success, and we have no doubt that you’ll spread the good word this Giving Tuesday 🙂

And a BIG THANK YOU for your donation to our campaign – first one in and so appreciated!

The photo of the young man dancing is priceless and brings back a great memory of the day the photo was taken–at the grand opening of the Dumphries Learning Center in July. We were so fortunate to have attended that wonderful event. We are also proud that, along with Terri/Michael/Beth, we were part of the planning team for Safari Sarasota. It’s amazing how Sarasotans have come to understand the GWF mission and supported it so generously over the past 6 years.

Safari Sarasota continues to be a big success, and we are so grateful for your involvement and your love for GWF Vin!

Amanda, I think this is a fantastic ideaa? I usually hold a Boys & Girls Club event and try to give needy children a happy Christmas – I have about 14 ladies attend each year, and they all pick a child, and they shower them with gifts. They are very generous! It is always a blessing when you give from your heart.

That is such a beautiful idea, too, Joan- thank you for sharing. I love the visual of showering children with gifts! 🙂

As I’ve grown in years, compassion, patience and understanding have been beacons to bring me to a place where giving is so much more full filling than the receiving. In America, the land of hope and plenty, there are people who don’t know where their next meal may surface, including an abhorrent number of children. I don’t have a lot, but I’m happy to share with the Food Bank and contribute to your Giving Tuesday campaign. Wonderful, thoughtful blog.

Thank you so much for your support, Denise, it really means a lot to us. If all you can do is share the idea of Giving Tuesday, and perhaps share the details of our campaign with others, you will have helped immeasurably.

a BIG Thank you to everyone who has made a very kind donation to our campaign so far. It really is very much appreciated!

On behalf of everyone at the Good Work Foundation, thank you for making this campaign so successful. It has been important for two reasons:

(1) The money raised will pay for 20 full-time Bridging Academy adult students to attend Hazyview Digital Learning Campus for a full year, which is just incredible; and

(2) As the world becomes more and more digital, as an organisation we are learning how to grow support for our programmes online.

The fact that the Londolozi community has helped us go past our goal is extremely encouraging. Just because we are a non-profit based in rural South Africa doesn’t mean we can’t be at the forefront of engaging with our community of friends and supporters online.

Thank you so much from all of us!

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