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Born in New York and settled down in Hong Kong for the past 20 years after living in London and Tokyo. I "found" Londolozi in 2009 and have been a regular visitor since. Over that time I have gained a passion for the ...

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on Why I’ll Never Tire of Londolozi

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That is quite a statistic Al. We get the same question often, “is it not boring in the bush?” Never. I agree. Each day and each game drive is like a new one that you have not experienced before.

Your very fortunate Al. One day I will hopefully get a chance to visit this incredible place & experience its essence

Your photos are incredible and I couldn’t have written your words better. I feel the same as you about Londolozi and have only been once. I WILL get back!

Al, this is my favorite place too. We have visited 4 times, and will return in 2020 for our 50th wedding anniversary. I always count on seeing leopards and lions – giraffes, rhinos, hippos, crocodiles, and elephants. Elephants walk so quietly, I am always amazed at how quietly they walk – the only time you hear them is when they take a bite of something. It is such a special place; it is my favorite place on the planet🤗

Al – I just returned home after my 3rd trip to Londolozi, it is a magical place. My husband and I end each African safari at Londolozi – a tradition. It never disappoints, the people, the animals, the sounds, the memories etched deep into our souls. Hope to cross paths there someday.

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Loved your post and your pictures, Al, particularly the photo of the leopard climbing down the tree… We have had the privilege of visiting Londolozi only once thus far one year ago. But we have already planned our next visit. And we have never before repeated a vacation location in the 35 years that we’ve been traveling. But as you say, and we agree, Londolozi is a special place, and every game drive is different.

I hear this everytime I leave for Africa!
My ONLY visit to Londolozi is one I will cherish. This article so eloquently describes why I LOVE SAFARI and especially the richness in wildlife, accommodations, history and experiences at Londolozi! None of this would be possible without the devoted and professional founders, mangers and staff! i wish I had kept Stats like Al. I know I shall return and hope to bring others to enjoy “THE GOOD LIFE”! Thanks for sharing Al!

I have been to Londolozi only once, but it might not be over the top to say it was a life-changing experience.

Al, We loved your post and fabulous photos (added on to our “favorites)! We totally appreciate your three “rules” and as long time Londolozi guests too, we seem to follow them pretty well! One thing we have also learned is to be patient! Staying on a sighting to wait for lions or leopards to become active is always such a great reward!

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Awsome postAl! Thank you for sharing!

To identify with your words and experiences is not difficult for anyone who has spent time on Safari in Africa. I discovered in 1986 that one’s first safari is not the last, but the beginning of a love affair with the animals, landscapes and people in this amazing country. Londolozi is a unique and special place and I can hardly wait to return come March 2020.

Mr. Kaiser’s rules are perfect. The last day of our first visit to Londolozi, we were the only ones in the car. Jess asked what we wanted to see as we had seen pretty much all of the big five. We said let’s just go and see what turns up. We had a great last safari and left saying we had to bring our children to this extraordinary place. We have been lucky to have come with children, friends and just us and always learn and have a wonderful experience. Victoria

Completely concur! John Varty (a.k.a, JV) introduced us to Nick & Michael on our second stay at Londolozi and we LEARNED SO MUCH that improved our photographic skills that we can’t begin to quantify. We are/were sad to hear of Nick’s departure but wish him well on his new adventure. Hopefully we will bump into him either at Londolozi or Tiger Canyon in the future.

Yes. I am nodding to myself with a big smile. Londolozi is where my heart yearns to be every day.

Love your photos, Al. I think you might have had your 100th game drive in October last year? – same week as I reached mine. Like you, I’ve logged all of mine. To those who ask the question “doesn’t it get boring after all that time?”, I always say that the day I get bored in Londolozi is the day I’ll stop going and save myself some serious amounts of money!

Good recollection Suzanne. I’m sure that Kylie told me about your milestone at the time. To the next 100!

What a wonderful account. We are returning to Londolozi in Feb for our second visit and cannot wait! It is such a very special place and having visited other camps nothing compares.

“• 1040 minutes of drinks stops – equivalent to 17 hours” and how much liquid consumption?
Definitely nodded & smiled–4 time visitor–just booked #5.
Also agree with Joan’s comments about how quiet elephants are.

Cheers Vin. I’d rather not contemplate the volume but should have bought stock in Windhoek Breweries!

Thank you for Sharing Al, 🙂

I couldn’t agree more, Al. Londolozi is a very special place and one we never tire of visiting. We’ve had only about half the number of drives with Nick Kleer, but have also enjoyed our days with Melvin & Milton and Grant & Jerry Visit #6 is set for April 2020 and we’re ready to go!

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Some fantastic drives , each drive is different. I also have come to happily accept that on every trip there will be one drive that isn’t as good as the ranger would have liked. The reason I am relaxed is that there is also the strong likelihood that one drive will possibly exceed all expectations and totally blow me away.
I had three of the best drives of my life at Londolozi and only one that was below expectations .

We just booked and are looking forward to our first trip to Londolozi. We will be sure to follow your three “rules.” I pray that we can experience Londolozi over and over again as so many others have.

My goodness Al….104 game drives? You must have the honor of holding a title of some sort. I’m happy for you, albeit a bit green with envy, but genuinely happy for your experiences have been exceptional in their own unique way. I very much enjoyed your 3 rules. Very true!

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