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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #404

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Love he wild dog and hyena pups. Is it the Mawelawela leopard who killed the Tsalala cubs?

HI Marinda, no it was an unknown skittish male, probably from the Kruger Park…

What luck finding the dogs and the den! Watching those pups then watching the hyena cubs, what a day! Loved the photos!

Quite an eclectic group of photos for TWIP that are a good representation of safari life in Londolozi. Looks like the wild dogs + pups have moved East from Singita so that you have an opportunity to observe them. Thank you for sharing these images!

Great selection of pictures James! Am curious as to how close the Senegal Bush Male/Kunyuma has been seen relative to Hosana (his younger half-brother) when he’s been on Londolozi? Would be fascinating to observe some type of interaction between them).

Hi Michael, they are fairly well-separated at the moment, although since the HOsana male isn’t yet officially territorial, there may be some overlap at some point. I imagine they wouldn’t know each other, so there would be the standard male-male aggression…

Thank you James! Yes, don’t think they would recognize each other. Interestingly, Kunyuma/Senegal Bush Male’s littermate Quarantine (who was seen briefly on Londolozi a few years ago before he established himself) was seen in a standoff with his older half-brother (two years his senior) and over the several months following this, he eventually pushed his older brother into the Kruger National Park, where he is currently dominant. They clearly didn’t recognize each other as relatives. Of course, Hosana and Kunyuma/Senegal Bush Male have a much larger age difference (December 2012 for Kunyuma/Senegal Bush and February 2, 2016 for Hosana), so would imagine it wouldn’t be as equal

Also, am amazed that one den can hold so many hyena cubs! Are the dens bigger than normal?

Senior Digital Ranger

Brilliant pictures (as usual)!

Thanks Marc

Senior Digital Ranger

WOW! Talk about an amazing collection of precious pictures and stories for the week! – While I found the story about Chris and Milton getting stuck in the Sand River to be comical, it was also a great lesson about getting stuck in situations such as theirs!
On a second note, seeing the lion cub behind the vehicle thinking about taking a drink of water from the sparse bit that it had found, literally broke my heart, as it continues to teach gratitude for what we have available to us as humans.
This weeks pictures have touched my heart deeply in so many ways.
Thank you.

Fingers crossed for the ostrich eggs survival!!!

The Ntsevu Pride cubs are looking fantastic. The cub in the pic looks like he’s going to be handsome young male! ANy idea as to how many females and males there between the cubs?

I think this is one of the best week in pictures I’ve seen. Such variety and mostly positive news. The pictures are all phenomenal, James, and I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite. Really. The guests must have been overjoyed during the drives, and you just couldn’t resist rubbing in Chris and Milton’s little fiasco could you! Lol.

Of course now I’m very concerned for Mashaba, her cubs and the possibility that she might become injured further, much-wise her cubs. Keep us posted. Well….now it’s Chris and Milton’s turn to catch YOU in a tough spot! Hear that guys? 😉

Haha Joanne, Chris and Milton can try!! 😉
Thanks for the kind words!

What a fun TWIP, James! Love the variety – wild dog pups, hyena pups, zebra stallion, lion, leopard, elephants! Wish I was there!

Loved the photos of the Elephant bulls, and the picture of the cheetahs🤗

What is it about baby animals that we just can’t resist? The wild dog pups and the hyenas are too cute for words. I have to remind myself that they are going to grow up to be predators, and are not cuddly.

I had a strange dream about the ostrich nest last night, so I’m glad to see all 8 eggs are still present. 😊

James, Really enjoyable pic, as always. I especially liked the Wild Dog sighting you described and of course the very cute hyena pups. Amazing shot of the Senegal Bush male too. Thanks

Senior Digital Ranger

I mentioned once before that the three of us are considering returning to Londolozi next year. There’s a South African travel company we’ve booked through our last two visits, but we were considering the possibility of dealing directly with Londolozi should we return. It is my understanding that a Londolozi has their own travel agent and was wondering if I could trouble you for their name and contact info. I don’t know whether this travel agent helps travelers book excursions other than Londolozi, but we might be interested in booking a short side trip, possibly to Madagascar. Do you think they would be capable of booking something like that? We still read the blog daily. Always a pleasure.

Phil Schultz

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