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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Almost the Holy Grail… But Not Quite

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It is wonderful to see so many lions together. It is great that the lion population at Londolozi is growing.

James, quite a sighting – even if they didn’t cross the Sand River.

James truly a great capture. It’s hard to believe that the pride has swelled to so many. With most of them making their home at Londolozi it portends well for the continuation of successful Lion and leopard life for many years to come. When word of this gets out it will Be even more difficult to find availability of lodging the most incredible Safari Lodge in Africa

Haha thanks guys. And we are still yet to see the latest litter of 5. Pretty soon we will have a pride of 22 walking around (excluding the Birmingham males)!

Digital Ranger

I look forward to reading yours and your teams blog entries every morning. I am surprised somebody from bbc or nat geo or maybe even Derek/Beverly Joubet haven’t taken on the task of filming the tsalala lioness for a documentary during this time with her litter. It would be an amazing story to watch unfold. We would get to witness her taking down buffalo with her own bare paws. Looking forward to that piece. Thanks for all the amazing stories and for keeping us informed on the happenings at Londolozi

You’re welcome Mark!
We’re trying to capture as much footage of the Tsalala lioness as we can so that hopefully we can put out our own story someday…

What a thrill to sit and watch this many lions in one place! Absolutely incredible!

Though I don’t believe that we know each other, you have no doubt been on a million game drives. I can feel your excitement in what you write . . . that is the hallmark of a great Ranger and is what, in part, makes Londolozi the special place that it is.

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the kind words.
Best regards

Wow! Great shots & story. Aren’t there crocs around the causeway? What about in the reeds? I assume that is always a concern for them around the river.

Hi Bob and Lucie,

Yes there are crocs around, but with the river so shallow at the moment they are sticking to the deeper pools, and there is very little danger for lions that are on the Causeway itself.

What an amazing sighting. I know how thrilled everyone must’ve felt having experienced a similar moment with the Mhangeni pride of 16 around a small pan a couple of years ago. As they began to move, one by one, lionesses followed by their playful cubs, we sat in awe, barely able to take photos as they were so close, passing next to the Rover.
Fabulous photojournalism James. Looking forward to hearing more about Tsalala’s takedown of the Buffalo bull.

17 lions in one photo……incredible!

Still a very good sighting!

Were they looking to cross into the north or the south?

Hi Aaditya,

They were going from south to north…

Hi James, thanks for the response. The pride is looking super solid. Hope they hang around Londoz for another three weeks – in time for our visit!

Remarkable opportunity! Can never get enough of the lions drinking in unison!

What a sight! 17 lions! Goose-bumps!

What a great blog James. You and the uests sure hit paydirt. To see that many lions in one spot and, to boot, see them crossing the river, had to have been an awesome experience for you all. Thank you for sharing with us.

Master Tracker

I can imagine the frustration , still any sighting of a pride like this on the move in daytime with the males should be a cracker.

Hello James,
It must have been fantastic! What a sight!
I wish I had been there! Lucky you!
Thank you for sharing!

Wow, James, 17 lions! What a sighting. I counted 16 in the photo and I thought THAT was a very large number but I must have missed one small face perhaps. Is that the biggest number of lions having a drink that Londolozi has ever seen? Wendy M

Senior Digital Ranger

Curious how the hippos that currently hang around that causeway react when lions are present. Looking forward to hearing about the Tsalala lioness took down a buffalo on her own.

What a fantastic sighting, James! Do me a favour and get them all lined up for when I arrive on 1st September – next to the airstrip as I come in would be most convenient. On second thoughts, let’s delay that until I’ve picked up my lens from the studio.


Senior Digital Ranger

Hi James! As I keep up with your Photo journaling at Londolzi on a weekly basis, I have to say that your photos are a ceaseless delight. The beauty of environment, and more so, seeing this huge pride in gathering, amidst the expression on the lions faces, as if they are happy to see you, is priceless. Mind I say, seeing the lions in fit form, brings joyful tears to my eyes, (for more reasons than one) added to a heart warming smile.
You do an amazing job upon bringing Londolozi into our homes from a distance. That in and of itself, is a gift.
I hope to someday be able to come see Londolzi, and Africa, in person, as day by day, there is a definite calling to the heart.

Hi Jen,
Very kind of you to say.
We hope to be able to welcome you here one day!
Warm regards

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