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on Tsalala Cubs on the Rocks

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Nice Jamo!

Amazing video. It is fantastic to see all three cubs surviving.

What an awesome Mum!

I saw these little ones on my trip last month. So glad to see that they are still doing well.

Awesome to have an update on this amazing little family! While she has a very long way to go to get them to a safe age, every time you see them and every day they survive is another step closer. I’ve asked before, but was wondering if anything has changed with regards to her and any interaction with the Birminghams? I remember you mentioned she’s called, but was wondering if any of the Birmingham Boys had responded?

I was ‘the guest’ in your blog! So privileged to have seen this, and the only guest there for those precious moments they appeared. This is one of my two favourite sightings ever and on both occasions you’ve been there James – with better pictures and an awesome blog! 🙂 (Can you guess the other one..?) Wonderful moment, thank you Londolozi and Andrea and Trevor who were world class and lovley people too. After 7 visits the magic just gets better and better….

Hi Liam,
It was incredible! I hope you managed to get some good shots; looked like Andrea positioned brilliantly!
Hmmm, give me a hint for the other sighting…

I’m absolutely gobsmacked and in love with these cubs! Super photos James.

Really happy to see the cubs still doing well!

I want the lioness to succeed so much. I am happy that she has the three cubs to be social with. I’m sure she has missed the contact with other lions and this gives the love back to her. It will be hard not having another female to share the mothering with but we are all routing for her.

James this particular blog touched my heart deeply as I was quietly cheering on Tsalala for SO long while on her solitary journey leading into the unknown for her. What a survivor and now these 3 precious cubs! The video was wonderful but what continues to touch me is your image of the three little ones intently focused on mom. The devotion, dependency and unity was palatable. Wishing good health and life to all in this little family.

Yes I’d be Very Happy to Read Your Lioness & Cubs Blogs
It didn’t ask me For any information though

James- do you know the gender of these tsalala cubs?

Hi Chris; I think it’s two females and one male but I’ll double check…

Wow, what a great sighting! And the lioness did not even seem to mind how really close you were! Great photos and video!!!

Hi Darlene,
Because the vehicle was parked there long before the lioness approached, SHE made the decision to go up on the rock, so she was fine with the proximity. If she was already there, the guides would not approach that closely.

Yes, James, I should have recognized that was the case. Obviously she was comfortable with the vehicle. This was an incredible moment for your guests! I envy them their photos! 👍👍👍

James, you’ve really excelled yourself with this video and the photos, especially the one of all 3 cubs gazing at their mother – absolutely adorable! I’m so pleased to see the Tsalala lioness doing so well against the odds. Hoping they will still be around when I come back in 8 weeks. And lucky, lucky Liam!

They are just too cute these little lions and her mother is really brave bringing them up all on her own.

What beautiful cubs! Why is she on her own? Where is her pride?

Hi Barbara,
She is the last member of her pride; all the others have died over the years.These cubs are hopefully the start of new beginnings…

I took a picture back in 2016 of their mother faux mating with one of the 3 Tsalala males and the tailless female with her paw on her head like a blessing/anointing. Maybe these young ones will be blessed……

Such a beautiful sighting of the amazing Tsalala lady-

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