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Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

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Mashaba 3:3 Female

Mashaba 3:3 Female

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Rob joined the Londolozi team at the start of 2017. Having grown up on a farm in the Cape and spending many holidays traveling Southern Africa he developed a love for the outdoors and an appreciation for the natural world. After completing a ...

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on No (Leopard) Love Lost

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Amazing video. Fantastic that the cub is safe.

Right place at the right time. Great photography and video. Thanks Rob

Oh my word! Thank goodness the scuffle ended without any apparent injury. I’d never realised how much bigger Mashaba is compared to Ndzanzeni. Would the fact that the Dudley River Bank female was pretty elderly when she had Ndzanzeni have anything to do with her smaller size?

I had the same thought about the Ndzanzeni’s size Suzanne. My all-time favorite image that I’ve captured is of the Ndzanzeni female drinking from a small pool bathed in golden morning sunlight.

Yes – there is a big difference in size between the two adult leopards. So glad that the young cub kept out of the way and was OK. In fact, no-one apparently was hurt – just a bit of a snarl and spit. Thank you so much, Rob, for a really interesting and action packed video and pics! Wendy M

Fantastic video, Rob! What an interesting exchange between female leopards. I would have been so worried about the cub if I had been there. I am glad nothing terrible happened! Thanks for sharing

What an amazing story and video! Your adrenaline must have been pumping seeing the two leopards fighting (who does one cheer for?!) and realizing the danger the cub was in. So glad everyone ended up healthy!

Wow…. fantastic video. Thanks Vanessa

Rob, great blog today. I have never seen two female leopards fighting. I am very surprised that Mashaba female did not take the cub

Wow, that is absolutely insane!! I’m glad the cub came out unharmed!

Super video chronicling the argument between the two females. I’m surprised the Ndzanzeni female wasn’t even more aggressive considering her cub was up the tree and that Mashaba seemed to have lost interest and walked away. Just proves animal behavior is not predictable. Trust there was some bush coffee served to quell some of the nervous excitement!!

Not often we get to see two Leopards fighting much-wise with the notable Mashaba! Thankfully the cub is safe and that neither adult leopards were hurt. Your adrenaline must have been through the roof!

Rob, Incredible video! Mashaba looked so powerful and was not backing down at all in the fight! Super happy that the cub is safe! Maybe Mashaba was remembering the cubs she has lost and chose not to hurt the cub…

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow my heart was in my mouth for a second there, but very relieved that the cub was safe! It’s not nice to see the anger of a female leopard killing another’s cub! Stunning video & pictures thanks Rob & Guest

Whew! That was quite a scuffle! Thank heavens no one was badly hurt. Scary but exciting to watch live! Victoria

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