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Tutlwa 4:3 Female

Tutlwa 4:3 Female

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on Young Leopard Makes Good Decision, Avoids Warthog

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That is a huge warthog. Is it not a fact that animals will rather be cautious than risk injury?

James, wonderful blog – that was meal waiting to happen. The leopard was confused by all the impala running, I think, and did not want to give chase. Would have been nice for all the spectators to see though🤩

Who was it who said “Know your limitations!” Smart girl!

Instinctive cautiousness thankfully kicked in and Tulwa was spared a vicious tusk attack that might have been fatal or at the least injurious. Standing down was smart. Having impalas on a dead run on either side of the rover must have been thrilling for you and your guests!

Very wise young leopard. The way warthogs back into their hole with their tusks outward makes them a difficult foe to grab. We have only seen wild dogs be successful at extricating a warthog from one of those holes.

Interesting blog and good to know the Nkoveni female leopardess knew enough to walk away from what could have been a deadly meal. Thanks for including the video.

James, What a great sighting and we loved the video. Good decision for the leopard. That warthog was big enough to do some serious damage!

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