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Dean was a guide at Londolozi from 2018 to 2022. He grew up in Johannesburg and it was from his very first trip to the bush at the age of two that he was captivated by this environment (he claims he can remember ...

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on The Week in Pictures #386

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Your pictures are stunning Dean. Love the Birmingham male, wild dog in the water and the Bateleurs.

Thank you Marinda

The photos are stunning, as usual. The “different” elephant reminded me of Boyd Varty’s TED Talk which featured another “different” elephant (Elvis) and how the herd looked after her. This talk was what brought me to come to Londolozi the first time in 2015!

Thank you Cindy. Thats why it is important to share stories. Glad you came.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for some wonderful photos this week.

Glad you enjoyed them Dave.

Nice photos! I especially liked the cub photos in the grasses and the leopard with her cubs, as well as the beautiful pair of Bateleur Eagles. Thanks for sharing TWIP, Dean!

Thank you Darlene, that is my favourite too. Glad you enjoyed.

Lovely collection. I especially like the leucistic elephant. Is there any research that suggests they have a shorten life span due to skin cancers (if elephants even get skin cancer)?

Thank you Chelsea. It has been rarely recorded that elephants get cancer, it has a lot to do with genes. In layman’s terms one of the reasons being, we have a cell in our body that we call a tumor suppressor, this helps get rid of damaged cells that could become cancerous. Humans have one copy of it, elephants have up to 20 copies of it. However; in my opinion a lack of protection against UV rays in the skin and eyes can cause extreme sensitivity to the sun, so it will be interesting to see the development.

Senior Digital Ranger

beautiful pictures , I’m jealous of the bateleur , it has been a while since I last saw them, only juveniles lately

Thank you Dina, was a great find. Remember it take 6-7 years for the full adult plumage to appear.

Senior Digital Ranger

no , I didn’t know , we still have to learn even after so many safari !
Thank you , I’ll put “my” juvenile on instagram and tell the story !

Beautiful lion and leopard pics this week, as seems to be the norm for Londolozi. It was good to see the leucistic elephant is doing well, after reading Pete’s informative blog last year highlighting this condition. Always look forward to waking up Friday mornings to view TWIP!!

Thank you for the greta comment Denise, we extremely lucky to see all the animals we do.

Another outstanding ‘Week in Pictures’. Thank you.

Thank you Doug, so glad you enjoyed them.

Wonderful TWIP, Dean! Love the elephant dust bath and the wild dog water bath! Superb bateleurs, too.

Thank you Mary Beth, i must say I think the bateleurs are my favourite too.

Great catch with the elephant sand bathing!

Thank you Vin, I was super lucky with the morning light as well.

Exceptional images, Dean. Always love seeing leopards, and even the occasional lion, resting on a tree branch.

Thank you Joanne, yes that cub on the branch is awesome.

Great photos, Dean! I recognize the Ximungwe female’s cub in the tree!

Thank you saki, thats correct.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for all the gorgeous photos and the updates..

Glad you enjoyed Mj

There are some incredible landscape photos in here!!!

Thank you Callum

Dean, I have a problem – since 20 May I haven’t received my Londolozi Blog. Can somebody help me with this please? Thanks, Sue.

I will check for you Sue…

James, thanks so much – yesterday I started getting it again. Thank-You!

Dean, great shots, but we especially like the close up of the spider – just beautiful!

Thank you. Different images sometimes make for the best

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