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Amanda is the Londolozi Marketing Manager & has been in the marketing, advertising & creative industry for 15 years & the health and wellness industry for 9 years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Journalism from The University of Cape Town ...

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on Celebrating the Nature of Mothers

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Amanda such a beautiful video. I am now feeling quite emotional.

It is these special moments that make Londolozi such a wonderful place. It touch my heart.

Of all the photos I have loved from Londolozi my favorite right now is the one of the mother leopard with her young cub snuggled up next to her. I remember one of the special rewards of motherhood was you child snuggled in your arms, a happy warm moment. Happy Mother’s Day to all the great mothers at Londolozi. Victoria

Senior Digital Ranger

congratulations and best wishes to all the mothers at Londolozi!

What a sweet, lovely blog, Amanda. My Mom turned 97 this week and your blog brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.

Amanda, I loved the Video.

I sent the video to my sister – who was also impressed – thank you for sharing

The role of mothers across species is incredibly similar and complex!
Happy Mothers Day to all!

Beautifully expressed Amanda, from the photos, the prose describing a Mother’s role and especially the video. Wiping a tear away, I reflected on all the mothers that have touched my life , especially mine who is almost 93.

Thank you for remembering all the moms, both two legged and four legged!!

Well said. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms be they 2, 4 or “X” legged!

Way to go, Amanda! This post on celebrating mothers rocked!

Digital Ranger

Thank you

Amanda, So beautifully done. Makes us miss our moms so much! We loved sharing this video with our friends!

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