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Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

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on The Ndzanzeni Young Male Leopard: From Cub to Adult

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Lovely memories James. They grow up so quick. It is amazing to think at one year old they are teenagers and at, is it two or three they are mature.

My all-time favorite image is of the Ndzanzeni female drinking from a pool as she was basked in early morning sunlight. Guests never fail to comment on it. (It was also my only sighting of the young male cub.)

Hi James. Yes. It is quite an amazing thing to watch the development of the tiny helpless little leopard into a powerful and lovely adult leopard. Like watching ones’ own children grow up from helpless babies to men and women – and remembering the various stages of their development. Makes life very interesting indeed! Best regards. Wendy M

Ahhh – that photo of Mom kicking his head. The EXPRESSION in his eyes. ‘Does Mom HAVE to wash my face in front of the camera!’

My favorite young male, although he was the only one I saw up close and personal during my Londolozi stay. On this same afternoon. I took this same photo of him in the stare down of the hippo. He’s a stunning male and as he seems to have come into adulthood with both guns blazing, it will be interesting to see how he will insert himself into the dynamics of the various territories. He’s up against his father, the Inyathini male as well as the Flat Rock and Anderson males. I’ve also read that there are a few more contenders for claiming space….. could be quite crowded, so who knows what the future holds.
Would be ironic if the Mashaba female ends up pregnant by Ndzanzeni male, inasmuch as he killed her cubs. Looking forward to more news of this dude!!

Spectacular shot of the leopard taking down the nayala.

Agreed Doug! One-in-a-million!

A really nice blog James. He is a beautiful cat and great to see that he made it from cub to adult. Thanks for sharing with us.

Hello James, I love your story about this young male leopard, especially as I was able to watch his mating partner, the Mashaba female, together with you only ten days or so ago when she was mating with two other leopards. She seems to be a very busy lady. The photos of this leopard as a young cub are sooo cute!

Hi Christa, watching him with the Mashaba female really got me reminiscing about him his early years. It was great that we got to see him with her. I hope you are well.

I love this blog, James! I’ve been following him from afar since I saw him as a young cub – he and his sister were playing with his mother’s tail after suckling. The next time I saw him was 2 years later, and he was scent marking and following Mashaba. Hopefully I’ll see him again when I come back in September.

For those of us that come and go from the African bush and only catch glimpses of the perpetual circle of life, we envy your ability to see the entire circle and chronicle it in photographs. It is much appreciated by those of us that only see it in spurts!!!

The leopard made famous by a nyala kill at the right place and time!!

Senior Digital Ranger

Hi James ,
was it the little one we managed to find together with cath?

Hi Dina, it most certainly was! I remember that day clearly when we found them. He must have been a little over 6 weeks old at that stage.

So glad you were able to see this circle of life and collect those special memories! I simply love the image of the take down on the bush camera….grow up and coming into manhood for sure!

James, Great story! Love your perspective on the joy of being able to experience these amazing creatures growing up!

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