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Hosana 3:3 Male

Hosana 3:3 Male

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on Extraordinary Sighting: Hosana Male Leopard Seen With Both Leopard AND Lion Cub!!

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Ha ha 😆

Happy April Fools to you too!

I’m no April fool!

Great story!
Then I looked at the calendar: April 1st!!!

And a Happy April Fool’s day back to you! I hope you are pulling off some good pranks today at the reserve. Enjoy!!!

I have followed Hosana (son of Karula) on Safari Live for a few years now. The Little Prince is very social and loves to be with other leopards so the leopard cub is not surprising but the lion is!! Love that animal, hope to see him in person one day!

Ah, so I see that you have April 1 in your country as well! Very cute, James!

I have just read today’s story about the male leopard and two cubs, one leopard and one lion. I would normally challenge anything on your blog….but as a reasonably skilled photographer, I find the photo “not likely “ legit. I note all three faces are in near perfect focus, but the rocks separating the faces are blurred. No matter what fstop used associated depth of field I defy you to achieve this combination. If your experts in your photo shop can provide me a setting to create this image, I am always ready to learn more. I will be at at Londo in June for my fifth visit and enjoy discussing this. Ed

Hi Edward,
Haha we’ll see you in June. Our photoshopping does indeed need work…! 😉

Omg our Hosana. How I miss him. Not surprised at all with him finding some Cubs to spend time with especially how he always sought out companionship from his father Tingana. I miss you Hosana come home. It would be a dream if he would take over his daddy’s territory.

Senior Digital Ranger

Hahahahahahaha, Great Fun Blog.. You tell Hosana that he is one special leopard and if any leopard could pull of this fantasy it would be him. Also tell him to stay safe and find a fantastic territory! Thanks for the update! LOL

Hahaha! I know what day it is! Happy ummm Monday! Cheers!

Master Tracker

Tell me what day it is again?

Hahaha! Good one. Happy April Fools! 😂

So the caption for the photo reads “Hosana Fake 2.” Is this a practical joke? The photo looks like an April Fool’s joke, right??

Haha Stan you got us. I should’ve been more careful in my naming when exporting from Photoshop!

An April Fool’s posting, one presumes? Of course, with Hosana, who knows….lol.

Senior Digital Ranger

They have internet tutorials on photoshop you know 😉

Hahaha Johanna I probably need to take a few…

A. The image better NOT be Photoshopped. B. If it is indeed Photographic evidence, to me it is a once in a lifetime sighting. Congratulation on being at the very right place at the very right time.

I believed it until the the split-personality part! April Fools!!

Hi Judith,
Haha yip the best pranks are the semi-credible.

The image almost looks photoshopped, it’s so weird! The juxtaposition of the 2 species is just not expected or explainable. Has Hosana decided to become everyone’s lovable uncle?!

Got me, big time!!! 🤣🤣🤣

Hi Mary Beth, yip, photoshop for the win!

Ha….my first reaction since today is April 1st and April Fools Day in America….that you were pulling our collective legs. Bring in Photoshop to polish off the spoof and stir in a pinch of gullibility and bake all day to see/hear the results. But on the other hand, all kind of magical things DO occur at Londolozi. So….my apologies if this wasn’t a prank…..😉

Hi Joanne,
Haha, very much an April Fool’s prank…

One can dream 🙂

Wish he had grabbed a shot but it doesn’t surprise me… have seen Hosana in lots of ‘not in the textbooks’ situations. Just hope momma lion doesn’t too angry.

the most amazing sighting at Djuma was when he was sitting on some Lapwing eggs once trying to give the momma Lapwing a break. Touche’

OK there is something called April Fools day here in the United States, which happens to be TODAY. You fool someone, and they usually fall for it. Is this story really true???? If so, I can not believe it! Oh my, what a smile this brought on my face either way:)

Senior Digital Ranger

If you had added one more they could have played the Bremer Town Musicians 😀

We’ll push for the quartet next year… 😉

Looks like someone is developing serious Photoshop skills. But if you want to hear about a lion cub being raised by a leopardess with her cub, ask JV about it. Fascinating story!

I heard they were later seen feasting on flying pigs too?!

Senior Digital Ranger

Happy April Fools Day

Nice try James! Your Photoshop skills have definitely improved! Great April Fools prank!

Tell me that this is an April Fool’s Post!!!

Do you have any flying Penguins at Londolozi? The BBC has discovered a new species of penguin that can fly. Each Winter they migrate to warmer climates. Just wondered if any had been seen at Londolozi…

Hee hee April Fools! But I will say I almost believed this of Hosana. For a solitary species like leopard, he seems to love company (of his own kind anyway).

Jamo you had me with the title. Obviously the initial photo was an April Fools giveaway. I know the Hosana Male is relaxed but not this much! Very good indeed.

Hi Al,
Yip I need to work on my Photoshopping; should have got Roxy to do it instead!


You had me at Harlequin McCquail…

Heh heh heh 😹

Hmmmmm- very funny and a good joke for April Fools Day. Photo shop work was quite evident 😘

Haha Denise we didn’t want to make it TOO believable!

Joke’s on us!

You know, guys, I’m getting just a little tired of lions and leopards – don’t you have some of those new Flying Penguins that the BBC have discovered? They fly South in Winter; maybe some will come to Londolozi.

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