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on Rhinos vs Lion Pride: No Contest

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If I remember correctly we have seen lions freeding on rhino carcasses only twice, or trying to feed on it. The one rhino died while we were watching it, after it was injured in a fight with another bull. The lions arrived the next morning but could not open the carcass. Eventually the vultures opened the dead rhino and the lions did not come close again. I agree James that rhinos are not often killed by lions. It is more that you hear about young elephants.

Happily I’ve not encountered any confrontations between big cat prey and rhinos, but if nature takes a rhino down, it’s a meal for others. I have witnessed the humorous slinking away of lions at a small pool where rhino mom and calf were drinking. We knew the hierarchy going on…..

Have you any insight as to how lions in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe take down young bulls? Sounds like a difficult proposition.

Hi Bob and Lucie,
I’ve seen videos of them literally smothering elephants through sheer weight of numbers, but I’ll try find some articles for your.
Best regards

Definetely no contest there!!

Would appreciate any refs to the hwange lion behaviour. It does help explain the occurrences of elephant carcasses. The prides must be of considerable size to bring down even immature bull elephants.

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