on Styx Pride Take Down Wildebeest

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Great photos Grant. So much activity in the rainy season

Master Tracker

Oh wowzer , your guests did very well . Nature abhors a vacuum and it will probably be bad news for the Tsalala lioness if they do move in.

Grant, By chance would you have the video of them feeding with sound? Thanks

Hi guys,

We do have the video; I’ll embed it today…

We’ve had the privilege of working with Freddy Ngobeni on previous visits and have requested him again for our next. He is amazing ! He’s also a great Dad. His son, Shearer, was featured in the latest Good Work Foundation update. http://www.goodworkfoundation.org/and-hes-off/

(Freddie has teased me that we’re related based on similarities in name.)

What action packed feeding frenzie! Wow! The expressions are absolutely priceless and extraordinary to watch. Superb captures!

Thank you for update on Hosana. Miss seeing him. Wonderful daily missives.

What a counterpoint to watching the animals frolic and play! Thank you.

So exciting to be on a drive with skilled trackers doing what they do best – and the moment of success when they find their quarry! I’ve experienced Jerry’s amazing eyes and so wish I’d been there with you all, Grant!

Great post and awesome kill. But, of course, we loved hearing of Jerry’s newest long distance leopard sighting. He is truly amazing. We miss you two and the animals, of course. Please take a picture of the two of you and send it to our email. Hugs❤️

Great to have some more lions on the property!

Agreed, Al!

Great shots and the Styx are looking very healthy indeed despite what looks like some mange(I’ve seen both adults Styx with mange previously as well as losing cubs to mange). They have certainly had their fair share or trials and tribulation.

That’s an amazing sighting!! It’s quite interesting to see the Styx Pride making inroads in Londolozi, I always thought they always stayed on Mala Mala?

And it’s also interesting to hear that Hosana is still being seen on Londolozi

Senior Digital Ranger

Just back from tiger safari in India (Bandhavgarh & Ranthambore). They could learn a lot from the safari experience at Londolozi and southern Africa. Always good to hear from one of my former guides and trackers at Londo in Grant and Jerry.

Wonderful news that another pride is moving on to Londolozi.

Fantastic shot and so exciting to see Thamba and the Styx Pride. Seems all those darling cubs have grown up to beautiful fierce lions. I read the blog but didn’t read just how many lions are in the Styx at this time. And Thamba that boy he looks so good, glad to see he is thriving, growing and he is so big.

What an unbelievable encounter on all fronts – the Styx pride enjoying a gourmet meal and the sighting of the Thamba leopard. Wish I was there to witness this!

Wow, Jerry’s leopard spotting abilities continue to be just short of impossible and way beyond unbelieveable! Merry

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