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Zambian-born, Paul grew up a fisherman, a birder and a lover of all things outdoors. Following his passion for wildlife he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Rhodes University before heading for the lowveld. Paul boasts a number of years guiding ...

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on How Does One Best Approach a Safari?

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Master Tracker

You can never have too many leopards in one day , but the best approach is an open mind and to appreciate what you are seeing. Enjoy the subtleties as well as the knock out moments and so often the best approach is to find the right location and wait for the game to come to you. Two of my best ever game drives involved waiting at the causeway or near it.
We were rewarded with a profusion of different types of kingfisher and on the other I just sat on a large boulder and watched a small family of elephants meander towards us.
I just lost myself in the moment

And losing yourself in the moment is what it is all about. Thanks for sharing Ian!

Absolutely beautiful, Paul — your writing transports me right back to the wooden deck at Varty Camp, smelling the air and listening to the sounds of that pre-dawn hour. Keep these stellar blog posts coming!

Patience is the key for sure! These photos are awesome! I especially love the leopard going across the water with the action and the reflection! Thanks for sharing, Paul.

What a brilliant image of the cub crossing the river, Paul! Nature brought you wonderful things to experience over those 4 days!

Brings back so many wonderful memories! Thank you!

Like most plans, they go out the window when reality bites us. But the ability to put together clues, even the faintest ones, are examples of what safairs can become when you have Trackers and Guides of the quality of Londolozi. Well done!

The thing we always love about starting safaris is that you never know what you will find, but are always wonderfully surprised. Victoria

The surprise is what makes it so addictive. Thanks for commenting Victoria!

Really enjoyed your review on the nature of safaris – you can leave in the morning or afternoon with a plan to find a favorite member of the bush, only to stumble upon another and fall in love with the surprise.

I am enthralled by the leopard cub charging across the river- what settings did you use for this amazing photo?!📷📷

1/500 F5.6 ISO 1250
The best photo out of that sequence came out blurry so sometimes you just have to aim and shoot and hope for the best. Thanks for commenting Denise!

It’s all about flexibility and seasoned tracking experience. Wonderful images ….love the water action with the leopard. Good job, Paul.


Stunning images. Sounds like a great safari.

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