on An Incredible Pair: Alfie and Bennet on the Bonnet

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Incredible experiences Jan-Erik. Great images of the Sparta pride.

Th rangers and trackers form an incredible unit, each complementing the other. I had the good fortune of being paired with Guy and Shadrack, who also demonstrated the ability of the tracker’s knowledge to leave the vehicle on a scouting mission and finding us later in a very different place. Kudos to all the men and women rangers and trackers!!

Wonderful blog; and agree that Bennett and Alfie are incredible. Love the elephant encounter.

Bennet on the Bonnet is a phrase I won’t forget anytime soon and am glad your experience was a great success….although I expect nothing less from Londolozi. James Tyrrell, your images were superb!

“The Leopards of Londolozi” by Lex He’s has been on my coffee table for years. It reminds me daily of why my heartstrings pull me back to Londolozi.

Amazing story! These men know how to read every sign and take precautions. No wonder they ar professionals!

Hi Jan-Erik. Thank you for your very descriptive and well-written article with the accompanying photos. So enjoyed reading it – especially about “Bennet on the Bonnet” standing up and “talking nicely” to the elephant Mom! Moms of all species are inclined to be anxious (quite naturally) over their kids. These Londolozi trackers seem to be quite superb at what they do. We have, very sadly, never been to Londolozi but do enjoy the daily stories we are receiving from the many guests and rangers. We feel we are really there and are seeing what they see. We just love our Londolozi safari stories every day……. Wendy M

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