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Rob joined the Londolozi team at the start of 2017. Having grown up on a farm in the Cape and spending many holidays traveling Southern Africa he developed a love for the outdoors and an appreciation for the natural world. After completing a ...

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on A Walk on the Wild Side

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An amazing experience. It is so true that we must strive to live simply. Go back to nature and enjoy the little things in life.

FABULOUS ! Victoria

Such a terrific afternoon you guys had! You are so right about being on the ground! Your senses are heightened, you forget your everyday worries and concentrate on sounds and movements. Delightful reading! Thanks for sharing, Rob!

Our bush walk during our first visit enabled us to be fairly close to a few giraffes who appeared to be very graceful as they walked past us–majestic.

The Reserve is full of surprises and presents- how fortunate you all were to share that gift from nature together.

Beautifully worded. I feel the peace as if I was there. Soon….

Thanks Terry, glad you enjoyed it. Looking forward to your next visit!

Rob, you probably the Chisolms but you were guide in July 2017. I want to thank you for and Robert for an unforgettable experience. We had stayed at 2 other camps in that part of South Africa but you were my 7yr old grandson’s (Morgan) favorite guide.
BTW, your photos and blog are very interesting.
Alvin Chisolm

Hi Alvin, I most certainly do remember your visit to Londolozi. You were some of the first guests I guided at Londolozi and so recall it well. I remember Morgan’s incredible energy! Next time we will take him on a bush walk. Hope you are all well and please send my regards to Morgan. Thanks for connecting.

Wow! We were in Londolozi in September, and I wish I had known an on-foot game walk was possible, although it looks like it is far more spectacular now that the rains have “greened up” Londolozi.

That’s exactly what I want to do when I visit Londolozi in April: Go on such a walk. Looking forward to it

Rob’s writing takes me into the bush! Great prose?

What a wonderful experience connecting with the bush in this way away from vehicles! I can almost sense the tension and adrenaline!

Oh my gosh I am in heaven living it vicariously through your retelling. Soooooo cool! Thanks for allowing us into this magical connection.

Thanks for reading Susan! Hope to see you here soon again.

I long to walk in the bush again.. It remains something I cannot explain.. in short.. I feel home. Thanks Rob

What excitement and satisfaction doing a walk and successfully observing these wild animals. And although you have rifles, if needed, the excitement must be doubled because of your own vulnerability. You deserve these personal moments… just for you…without guests…to recharge and feel the wonderment that only the bush can give. Nice blog, Rob.

Hi there
We feel so sorry for folk who haven’t had the opportunity of being in the Bush. There is just NO place like it. Just BEING thee is restful and so enjoyable. When looking at Wild Life of any kind, that is simply an added joy! Thank you so much, Rob. This brings it all back to Neil and me. We are 81 and 80 so our Bush holidays have become far fewer – sadly. Wendy and Neil

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