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Bruce worked at Londolozi from 2017 to 2020. He always had a passion for the bush and the outdoors, having been camping and fishing since he was a young boy. He attended school in the Natal midlands after which he moved down to ...

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on Lessons I Have Learnt Living in the Bush

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Bruce this blog touch my heart. We can learn so much from nature. We often camp in Kruger but to go to the truly wild places is something different. Experiencing a “mini” bush getaway in the Kalahari where we stayed in unfenced canps and where you hardly see people made me so much more aware if my surroundings. Living close to earth. It took a few weeks to get used to being in a town and getting back to normal life. I could not get myself to even go on the internet and sicial media. It was just not important. And even now we are more aware of the little things. The bird calls in the garden. Plants, trees. Sunrise. Rain. The stars at night. Your last paragraph say it all. Just go and experience nature.

Marinda, I am happy to know that this touched your heart! And thank you for sharing your experience of nature with us.

Senior Digital Ranger

I completely agree and at home I prefer to look at the birds in our garden from buzzard , sparrow-hawk till tits …and much more than listen to the news or being in crowds of people shopping or whatever .
But I also want to say : congratulations to you all for keeping up with so many different people visiting you and being patient!

Dina thank you for sharing! I am sure the staff appreciate your congratulations – it is a huge learning curve working with so many different types of people. Thanks!

Thank you for the amazing and insightful story of living in the bush! I can relate to many of the points you made and would love to experience someday visiting the bush! I know there have been times when I’ve been stressed that going out into nature whether it’s the local camp grounds/park or visiting a botanical garden always brings a peace and calmness to my soul! God has given some much in nature to help connect on a deeper level with life, people and the wonderful magnificent animals!

Debra I appreciate your comment so much, thanks! There is something so healing about being surrounded by natural environments, wherever you find them! I do hope you get to visit the bush someday!

Having just spent 4 days with Bruce and Robert, we learned so much. Their willingness to spend time following a young leopard or having coffee with a journey of giraffes taught us patience. We are still talking about our experiences with them and everyone we came in contact with during our stay. Thank you all!! Victoria

Victoria! Great to hear from you again. Thank you for the incredible feedback, I’m so glad to hear that you had a great time – Rob and I certainly did with you guys. Looking forward to your next visit!

How fortunate you are to have a job where each day brings you different experiences and memories. Such a stimulating environment is a blessing for the mind and soul – nurtured by your living arrangement, constant flow of new guests and the lessons learned in the bush.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Thanks, Bruce. You are so very right. I was a dreamer as a youngster. It was a way of escaping from what was rather an unhappy home life. However, my dreams came to a sudden stop when I spent many holidays in the Bush on a farm in the Waterberg! Farm life plus the wild life in the Bush, plus 4 male cousins put a sudden stop to day dreams, believe me! Snakes in the outside loo, de-ticking ourselves every evening, being the youngest I had the job of opening those impossible farm gates, and helping neighbours put out Bush fires etc. before the fires travelled to our farm, helping dip the cattle and treat the dairy cows for Opthalmia – well I became an extremely wide awake young person. And the total enjoyment of being in the Bush. Those wonderful blazing sunsets and the smell of the Bush after rain. There is nothing like it anywhere-else. Wendy M

Wendy thank you for sharing your story! I had a similar experience growing up and I know how that can shape your ideas of and connection with the bush. Thank you very much!

Lessons to live by!

Excellent piece young man!

Thank you very much Pierre!

I found this particular blog very thoughtful and always enjoy a deeper understanding from another’s learning experience. Your three points were truthful, well balanced and very insightful. Some are not graced with that ability. Well done, Bruce!

Joanne, thank you for the great feedback. I’m happy that the writing sat well with you!

Very insightful piece, Bruce. I have discussed my “versions” of awareness and presence many times when I am asked why I am returning for the 4th time.

Great blog Bruce. Spot on!!

Thank you, Warren!

Beautifully said, Bruce. As a guest I relate to so much you shared.

Thank you Susan, I know you do!

Bruce, I’m touched by how much these lessons, of which I’ve learned from 5 visits to Londolozi, apply to life away from the bush as well. I think my safari experiences have especially taught me awareness and presence, to appreciate life in new ways and through ‘new’ eyes. Thanks for making me think, Bruce.

What an awesome blog Bruce especially liked the sunset photo and the one of the Elephants in front of Granite Camp !

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